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Announcing Twins Daily

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It isnít just for reading. Thatís the difference.

When I first started blogging in January of 2002, I went something like six solid months with less than 20 people reading my thoughts on a daily basis. Thatís the dirty secret about blogging that both supporters and critics donít get: itís easy to do, but very hard to get enough readers so that anybody notices.

When I find out that someone has blogged, they have instant credibility. Sure, anyone can write. But to do so consistently, and make it insightful and entertaining without payment or promise of payment or even any hope that what youíre doing is going anyplace beyond dissolving into the ether Ė I want to know these people. That is a story of faith. And passion. And dammit, nobility.

Which is why it kills me that it may be harder to blog now than it was when I started. At least then it was new and fresh. Now itís so loud out there, I donít know how any new voice ever gets heard. And Iím as guilty of the deafness as anyone. I simply canít keep up with all the Twins blogs that have sprouted up only to go silent.

Thatís why TwinsCentric is very proud to announce the launch of TwinsDaily.com. Weíre each setting aside our independence to start a central site where you can find (for free, mind you) all our stories. But the site isnít just for reading. There are two other very important pieces.

First, in the hope of resurrecting the spirit of the old Dickie Thon Twins Board weíre including a forum where you can discuss all kinds of Twins topics. All we ask is that you register so we have some accountability for the discussions, and that you keep it civil. Weíre all on the same team.

Second, when you register, you get a blog. You can ignore it if you want, or you can try out your voice. If your post is good, weíll find room for it on the front page. And if itís bad? Well, then we wonít. But at the very least youíll be trying to find your identity where thousands of Twins fans are stopping by each day.

TwinsCentric has worked on several magazines, books and e-books over the last couple of years, but I think itís safe to say that weíre more excited about this than any of them. This is a site we want to exist: a local place where Twins fans can gather, read, share and write. If that sounds great, then please swing by.

And if it sounds too over the top, swing by anyway, because thatís exactly what we want it to be.


P.S. If youíre looking for a good place to start, stop by the front page or check out our one-minute cheat sheet. Or you can check out my blog there, which is where TwinsGeek.com will be pointing to sometime this week.
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