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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

Albert Pujols vs Nick Blackburn, and the rest of the atrocious Twins starters.

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As Manny Acta from the Indians said " I feel sorry for the people who are going to see him going forward, because he's going to go off. He's getting close. I'm glad he's out of here." He is at home now vs the worst MLB rotation in the league, if he doesn't go off now, it could be pretty interesting for the Angels.

Let's compare Mauer to Pujols right now:

Mauer BA .325 OBP .419 SLG .428 1 HR (5 2b+3b) 13 RBI

Pujols BA .216 OBP .266 SLG .295 0 HR (7 2b+3b) 4 RBI

Would you have thought that after 21 games? 21 games is still a relatively small sample size for a hitter, but 88 AB's and signing someone for 10 years 240 millions, if I was an Angels fan I would be a little concerned anyway. With all the optimism coming into this year for the Angels being 9.5 GB the Rangers this year, I am glad I am not an Angels fan calling for Mike Scoscias head.

I did this for the first time this year, I may continue to do it, but I jumped on a place that is similar to Twins Daily and looked at what others are talking about for their team. The Angels have a similar record of the Twins, they had way higher expectations going in, before I looked I was expecting something to the point of Pujols facing the worst rotation in the league and have some high hopes. I didn't see anything of the sort. I did see a lot about the manager which actually surprised me at first, then I got to thinking that fans love to blame managers!!!!!!!!!! In every sport it is the easiest person to blame, and as I have pointed out before how many games to MLB managers win or lose in a 162 game schedule?

Anyway I would have to agree with Acta on this one where Pujols could upstart his year vs the Twins starting tonight. My prediction tonight is Pujols has more RBI than the Twins score runs vs CJ Wilson.


  1. Thrylos's Avatar
    I disagree. I think that Mr Pujols is toast.
  2. rogrulz30's Avatar
    Wow, that is a helluva statement, not one that the Angels fans would want to hear. I said instantly that the Pujols signing was not very good for the Angels, I never thought the production would be that bad, I thought he would help of course, and be a great player, but maybe for 2 or 3 years, after that the decline would be there.
  3. Cap'n Piranha's Avatar
    the problem with Pujols is that he's been declining for 2-3 years already. The Angels are going to be stuck with an absolute albatross of a contract for multiple years. The only question for me is; how many years do the Angels pay Pujols NOT to play for them?
  4. rogrulz30's Avatar
    I was wrong with pujols, I should have went with hunter, wow pujols isn't close to his old self
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