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Priorities: The Best Backup Catcher in Baseball

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The Twins are a team of many needs.

Doumit fills the need of back up catcher and emergency RF. He hits well for a catcher, but at best adequately for a DH or RF. He doesn't defend well at either spot. As he declines, his best role will be back up catcher and pinch hitter. He will do that job well. He will be a good guy in the club house.

Essentially by signing him now, they have begun the winter process of rebuilding this team through free agency. Is this the best first step? Is this one of the key needs to be addressed? Is he a major part of your off season blueprint?

Another team might have chosen a different direction. They might have tried to fill this need by using Butera and Parmelee. This might free a few million more to use towards overpaying a free agent pitcher or middle infielder. They might have chosen to fill out the bench from the free agent bargain bin at catcher taking what is left as spring approaches. Worst case, Butera and Herrmann are around.

Go back to last winter. Why not take money spent on Doumit, Carroll and Marquis and try to sign Edwin Jackson instead? The other spots would need to be filled with near league minimum guys. Yes, we would be left with Alexi Casilla playing more. We might get to see what Parmelee can do with playing time. Maybe Sean Burroughs would still be on the bench. Butera would have more at bats or we could have signed a back up option like Dioner Navarro.

Jamey Carroll and Ryan Doumit are great guys to have in the clubhouse. They have value. They are also the kinds of respectable players you always find on losing teams. The Twins may have the best back up catcher in baseball going into 2013. I simply question whether this should have been the Twins top priority.
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  1. Parker Hageman's Avatar
    Good thoughts on this subject. Thanks for sharing!
  2. jorgenswest's Avatar
    Thanks Parker.

    I would love to see the Twinscentric group begin debate on the blueprint for 2013. To me, Doumit is the first winter free agent signing and the first step Terry Ryan has made in his blueprint for 2013.

    If trading Span is in your blueprint, how do you fill RF?

    Would you pick up options on Baker or Capps?

    Do you assume the same budget going into 2013?

    Doumit would not have been part of my blueprint at this point. I would go for pitching and see what was left to fill out the bench. It is not a knock on Doumit. I think his value exceeds the 0.0 WAR assigned to him by Baseball Reference. I don't want to argue that he is worth the contract. I do argue that the Twins have greater needs than catcher.
  3. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
    WHY WHY WHY is everybody assuming this was their top priority just because it was done now? You do the deals you can, when you can. Doumit was willing, so were the Twins, it was done very quickly. Does anybody truly think that TR doesn't believe starting pitching is a huge priority? Seriously people, open your eyes!
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