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I must declare from the onset of this article that I am a Twins fan tried and true. from 1997-2000 I was a victim to their horrible performances, In 1998 a burgeoning slugger made the team following spring training. His name was David Ortiz, he didn't do too much offensively to warrant any negativity and he was sent down. From what I can remember, he was not doing things the way they wanted them to be done. The Twins that year had a horrible offense and if my memory serves me right, Molitor was our best hitter at a .285ish kind of clip, It was his last year... good job. 1999 was even worse. Mientkiewicz hit around .220, Chad Allen was our LF, T-Hunt was lack luster and our pitching sucked. Jacque Jones and Corey Koskie were the ones to provide future hope from that year. Although 1998-1999 were bad seasons, I did not mention 1997 or 2000. There is no need to open unhealed wounds as far as I am concerned. It seems to me that was the beginning of the new phase of Twins baseball that lasted until 2010. After another Yanks Playoff series loss and the impending Free Agency of some of our best relief pitchers, I knew they would not be resigned as the money they would warrant would be not worth their salt. We certainly did miss them, but that would have been all for not. Dateline 2012: We have no pitching, nothing at all. We have a couple of Franchise type position players who are doing alright, but have some work to do. My point is that we all know this 2012 team is going to suck and suck to an extensive degree. The success of a franchise is based upon wins and sustainability. This lull we are in might not last much more than 3 years and I cannot be kept captive again. Minnesota Twins take this to heart, feel it, realize it, take it for truth. There are a few of us who will walk away because we are disengaged. Win us back with a call to arms. Drafting effectively and using the free agent market to put us back in the fore front. God Damn it, we are your fans!
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