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Twins Rotation, Manager/Terry Ryan

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Is Brandon Webb available???? The Minnesota Twins and Oakland A's would be teams that would look at bringing a guy like Brandon Webb in for the cheap. We have disaster area going on right now. I don't care who you are you aren't going to compete with Pavano, Marquis, Blackburn, Swarzak, Hendriks. This is if Blackburn is healthy, we saw what happened to Baker. I posted that I am giving the Twins some slack for the first 60 games, but something has to happen in the rotation. If Brandon Webb is available, which I think he is, I think the Twins should definitely take a chance on the former Cy Young winner. Our entire pitching staff is weakened by injuries. I don't mind having Hendriks in the rotation, I don't think Swarzak is a starter right now, I think a move like bringing Webb in could be interesting.

I have to ask a question to the Twins Community that maybe I will ask in the forums, but if you read this I am asking this. Who do you think is the best manager in the game/worst manager int the game if you think there is? Now put them in the dugout for the Twins last year, this year, how many more wins are we going to have? Or losses for that matter? Let's look at it a different way, if I take LaRussa, who I think is the best manager in the game, and then I take Roenicke, which I think is one of the worst and I put them in the dugout for the Yankees last year, how much of a win differential is it? I am going to say 8 game differential. So lets take the mean of that and LaRussa would be a 4.0 WARM wins above replacement manager, yes I made that up. So, this was just some thoughts on if you really think that the reason we are losing is because of the 2010 Manager of the Year. Managers don't forget how to manage, you have to have things go right, and you are also going to have things fall apart. What I might say though is Vavra and Anderson may have the wrong approaches to hitting based on the personal we have on the team. That may land on the GM Terry Ryan. You have to keep in mind this is his first year taking over a team that lost 99 games last season. I am sure he has plans, look at what he had to deal with putting a team together with pieces he didn't know would be healthy or not. I totally understand cutting payroll if Morneau/Mauer weren't going to be healthy, this wouldn't make sense. I would trust the plan from Ryan for now, give him a 3 year cushion and then make arguments, you can't make haste judgement coming off of a 99 loss season, while having your Ace go down for the year, and not knowing if Morneau/Mauer is goin to be healthy.

I am going to go out on a limb this evening and also post that the Twins are going to go 5-1 in the next 6 games, record then 10-12. The conversations in the forums are going to be a bit different if this were to happen. The Twins need to take care of business these next 6 games or it could turn ugly from the fans perspectives.
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  1. Highabove's Avatar
    Best Manager Joe Maddon (By a Mile) There would not be accountability issues. The Younger players would live up to his standards, or they would find themselves back in the minors. Players who wanted out of the lineup would have to tell him personally, not through a Trainer. Maddon would not manage through the Newspaper. Maddon would also instill a (battle to the last Man attitude.) + 8 Wins based on attitude and accountability.

    Worst Manger Bobby Valentine Has made a mess of Boston in less then three weeks -10 losses at least.
    Updated 04-23-2012 at 05:27 AM by Highabove
  2. caitlynpoli's Avatar
    Great Twins Video
  3. TwinsGuy55422's Avatar
    I love Joe Maddon. Besides having trendy glasses, he seems very progressive in his strategies and doesn't always do things strictly by the almighty "book." He also seems to relate to his players very well. I don't know what to say about Valentine. For him to walk into a veteran-laden clubhouse such as Boston's and think he could pull what he has without creating an uproar is simply delusional.
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