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Yum... another bite of Beef Willingham

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5 games in and this road trip has already surpassed mine and I am sure most Twins fan's expectations. Without the jacks, Liam looked pretty good tonight. His control was somewhat off, but he attacks it. He pitches fearlessly and intelligently. I like what I see and I hope to see some more with better results. Hendricks, as we all know will not miss a lot of bats, but he has something we have not had in a few years - a pitch to contact pitcher who is not afraid to attack the strike zone and for the most part he has been damn effective, more so without the long balls. Not lost in this shuffle is the fact that he has the best stuff on our current starting staff this side of Liriano. Cudos to Beef Willingham and his game winning 3 run double and 14 game hitting streak. We know, in the long run, you won't hit .300, but here is to hoping for 30HR's and 100 RBI's. This road trip is already a victory, if we can win one more, it can be a THRILLING victory, but that's it. The offense is gaining momentum and that will win some games or at least make them interesting. Our pitching is our achilles heel and that won't change. 75+ wins... Maybe. 81+ wins... unlikely, but it could be fun to watch!
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