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Put Willingham at cleanup

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Twins Manager Ron Gardenhire needs to put Josh Willingham at clean-up.

This would:

Put Willingham between Mauer and Morneau.

That would protect Willingham better, as he is the hottest Twin right now.

It would separate the team's two best left-handed batters with a strong right-handed batter.

It would make it harder for opposing teams later in a game to bring in one pitcher to face Mauer and Moneau, and another to face Willingham.

Morneau could then be protected with Valencia, or Doumit or Parmelee.

I think this would be the strongest offensive setup for the Twins.


  1. Buddy14's Avatar
    I like your idea. It would definitely make end of game bullpen decisions tougher. If valencia or anyone else could prove they can be a run producer I wouldn't mind seeing mauer at 2 willingham at 3 and justin at 4 either.
  2. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I like this idea, but there essentially is nothing to "protection" whatsoever.
  3. bulldogguy's Avatar
    Agreed on all fronts, but you know Gardy, wouldn't want to adjsut that part of the order or mess with the M&M thing. I love Gardy, I really do, I think he is a good, but not great manager, but sometimes he gets so set in his ways.

  4. TwinsArmChairGM_Jon's Avatar
    Josh has had a good start, but let's not go crazy over a short stretch. I certainly wouldn't move him in between Mauer and Morneau against righties.

    Vs. Righties '09-'11
    Morneau > .294/.391/.525
    Will-I-Ham> .259/.358/.356

    Historically, Morneau has also done just fine against lefties for left-handed hitter.
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