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The Buddy Files Vol. 1---How can this turn around?

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Here's my first shot at this. I'm assuming no one will see it, but if you do, Thanks....and sorry. I was going to post something earlier with predictions and such but then remembered I hate predictions and such. So I decided to give it a few games before I chimed in.

I have to go at this from the only perspective I have, from the view of a fan 4 hours away. So far its pretty simple: This is bad. It hurts to watch on TV. I half expect Bert to jump from the booth to his werciful demise. It hurts to listen on the radio. I know for a fact Dan will cry on air after another failed at bat with a runner on third.

I have heard alot of people say that we need to relax as it is only 4 games and it is a long season. Here's my rebuke, True Believers. Is 166 games a large enough sample? Because I fail to see the improvement.

The bullpen remains a minefield filled with right and left handed gas cans. The rotation, depending on the day, inspires between little and no confidence. The errors continue to mount. Finally the offense continues to view ineptness as an improvement.

There are some bright points. Josh Willingham makes me think good things might happen (despite that SKYNYRD WALK UP SONG) when he gets to the plate. Also I am pleasantly surprised by how Morneau is swinging it right now too.

This brings the question: What is wrong here?

From four hours away I can tell you it simply and obviously looks like this team has ZERO fun at the park. Now I know winning is fun losing is not, but in my experience it seems like a little fun can bring about a few more wins as well. Ask yourself when you watch later today does this team look like a bunch of guys at the park playing ball for gobs of money or a bunch of teenagers heading to the mall for $9 an hour on prom night? They don't look like they want to be there at all to me.

Those Twins teams from 2002-2010 seemd to be filled with a bunch guys enjoying themselves out there which, I feel, fosters a winning attitude. Someone needs to step up and loosen these guys up. I don't know who that is but I'm open to suggestion.

I welcome all critique, criticism, and comment. Use the comment field or hit me up on twitter @timbroders.

Lets avoid another 2011 and most of all WIN TWINS!!!!! That is all


  1. TwinsGuy55422's Avatar
    I agree. There just seems to be a complete lack of energy and interest. I was at the home opener and as soon as the Angels scored in the first inning, you could feel the hope leave the fans and the team. We don't necessarily need guys breaking bats and throwing water coolers, but we need guys that look legitimately upset when they make a mistake and legitimately excited for their teammates when something good happens!
  2. JB_Iowa's Avatar
    And see, people do read you here.

    I didn't have high expectations for this year but it has been disappointing to see their utter futility at the plate thus far.

    IMO, it would make a big difference if Mauer would get in the groove. It would make Morneau and Willingham better (at least they've shown signs of life) and give more incentive to the top of the lineup to get on base.

    I'm not saying that Mauer starting to hit solves all the problems -- just that I think it is a necessary part of the equation.
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