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Trent Condon

Don't Tell Me to Be Patient

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As the Twins sit at 0-4, many questions abound about this team. How bad is this bullpen? Why is Jamey Carroll batting second? Just how awful will the Joe Mauer contract be looked at? Yet, we have heard a myriad of people saying, "be patient." I have two words for you..."screw you."

After sitting through a summer of failures, disappointments and screw ups, many were hoping that the 2012 Twins season was going to be a turnaround. Though expectations certainly weren't high, hope springs eternally each March. I too fell into that trap.

I understand that this is only a small sample. I understand that it has only been 2.4% of the season. That doesn't mean that I can't come over to Twins Daily and vent about my frustrations. Depending on the time of day the frustrations can land somewhere between, "It's not that bad" to "this organization is worse than the Sacramento Kings."

It's April 10th. I'm already frustrated. Don't make it worse by telling me to be patient.
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  1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    hey Trent... be patient!!
  2. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I agree with the small sample part, but the small sample has me dreading when exactly the Twins will score thier first win...
  3. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    This kind of thing only makes me want to say "be patient" more, you know. Four freaking games. And please, who else should be batting second?
  4. ltwedt's Avatar
    The GOOD thing about Tuesday, April 10th? The Twins DIDN'T lose a game!
  5. righty8383's Avatar
    It could be worse...you could be a Cubs fan. Try telling one of them to be patient.
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