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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

0-4 and getting nervous now!!

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Why, when you play 162 games in a year does someone who loves baseball as much as I do, who knows that slumps can happen, but when only 2 Twins teams ever started 0-4, then they face 5 of the toughest pitchers in the game to follow, don't you have to be nervous that this is going to be a real long season. I just wrote about starting 0-3, not worrying yet, but today watching as much of the game as I could due to work I am nervous that this is going to be a long summer of boring baseball. I was excited for the Twins to prove people wrong, that they would be better than everyone thought, or better than the 73 wins vegas predicted. Was I so naive, and such a big homer, that I didn't see anything in front of me. YES, YES it is 4 games in, at some point I have to rant a little bit. I thought the defense would be better, I thought the offense would be a lot better with Span, Mauer, Morneau healthy, and the pitching would be suspect, but Liriano, Pavano, and Baker are in contract years, I thought they would be better. This could all still happen obviously, but is there anything to take after the first four games to be optimistic?

Carroll 0/13
Valencia 1/11 not surprising to me
Doumit 1/10
Parmalee 1/8
Casilla 1/8
Mauer 2/14
Revere 1/6
Span 4/15
Morneau 4/13
Willingham 5/13

2 HR's in 4 games, I guess not surprising, 5 extra base hits in 4 games is a bit surprising. It is hard to go 4 games and get 5 extra base hits. I personally am done with Valencia, between his not improving defense, and his non ability to drive the ball to anywhere except easy double play balls and strikeouts, give him the heave ho early please, I was done w/ him half way through last year, if it wasn't for everyones injuries I don't think he would have played nearly as often as he did.

Do I see 0-9 in the early future?

Jered Weaver: 235.2 IP, 2.41 ERA, 198/56 K/BB, 1.01 WHIP
Dan Haren: 238.1 IP, 3.17 ERA, 192/33 K/BB, 1.02 WHIP
Matt Harrison: 185.2 IP, 3.39 ERA, 126/57 K/BB, 1.28 WHIP
Yu Darvish (NPB): 232 IP, 1.44 ERA, 276/36 K/BB, 0.83 WHIP
Neftali Feliz: 62.1 IP, 2.74 ERA, 32 SV, 54/30 K/BB, 1.16 WHIP
(thanks Nick Nelson)

These guys are really good, especially comparing them to what they saw in Baltimore. I guess we will see, but it doesn't look good for the Twins.

http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1...n-is-important, This didn't happen

The 1988 Baltimore Orioles who lost the first 21 games of the season. Is this out of the realms of possibility? I think it is, but if we hit the 0-9, which is definitely in the realms of possibilities.

4 games in and I am ranting probably because we have the Wild out, Wolves out, Gophers done in NIT fashion, Vikings are in limbo, don't know what is going to happen with them, my one glimmer of sports hope was the Twins and my excitement level has been crushed quickly!!

Not giving up hope by any means as I know the seasons are long, but when you can't get excited about your favorite team at all it is depressing, the only thing I get to look forward to if the Twins are going to be horrid for the next month is opener of fishing. I hope this is my only depressing blog for awhile, but I don't know if it will.
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  1. twinsguy44's Avatar
    With the way the Twins have played the first four games, I would not be surprised if the Twins started 0 - 19. I have seen nothing that would lead me to believe that the Twins are able to hang a playoff caliber team.
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