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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

What a start 2012 Minnesota Twins

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OK 0-3?!?! Probably what was supposed to be the "easiest series" of the first 11 we somehow find the Twins scoring 5 runs in 3 games. We get to see we have defensive struggles in left and right. We see Liriano get eaten up by the Orioles. We see Justin Morneau able to hit the ball around. What does this all mean? Nothing really. Now if we go 0-6, then we can start talking troubles.

I am sure we are going to see the taglines about being the same where we left off last year, how we are going to lose another 99 games, look for Gardy to be on the hot seat. These, I think would be ridiculous things to say 3 days into the season. I will say the Tigers offense could be as good as advertised. They, on the other hand are clicking on all cylinders. Another thing to mention is the injury bug has started, Hendricks/Baker are already missing time, I really hope Bakers meeting with the doctors is positive, and I think Hendricks will be fine, just saying that that part of the Twins we don't need.

It was a really bad holiday weekend for us Twins fans, the good thing about it is that there are 159 games to go, we see the 3 people we were worried about most healthy, Willingham has looked solid. I do want to point out that my prediction with Valencia has started really early, I know it is coincidence and early but seeing Valencia having a horrible at bat, then making an error is something that is still going to be a problem. Luke Hughes could have made an impression in a big at bat today, but of course he has to strikeout in a big spot, still thinking by the end of the year Hughes will take over for Valencia.

I know this is a lot of random thoughts that everyone probably knows, the thing I wanted to point out is Twins fans are going to get really restless, Souhan and Reusse are going to be all over Mauer and his leadership, what Gardy could have done to prevent this, and how we are already going to be shopping Morneau, Pavano, and Liriano. It is going to be funny reading these, if they are as bad as advertised that is to be determined, but to over blow things so early is ridiculous.

After seeing the first 3 games, Does your predictions change on the amount of games the Twins will win this season?????? For me no!! What are your thoughts????
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