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Saturday afternoon in Beloit

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We all need to do a well baby check here and repeat it is the first weekend, it is the first weekend. So that being my mantra my family and our friends from St. Paul headed back to Pohlman Field.It was a much more comfortable afternoon in Beloit. The sun was out for awhile and the temps slipped in the low 60's. Unfortunatly the same result as I saw on Thursday occured, a Snapper loss.

Today it is was Tim Shibuya that started the game for the Twins A Leaguers and his afternoon was not much better then Madison Boers start two evenings ago, he too had a short start with a few well struck balls and not a lot of help from his defense. Wang Lei-Lin air mailed ball from right field causing a couple of runners to move up and into scoring position and for the second game in three Eddie Rosiario had a error at second that plated later in the inning.

One series but here are the first impressions of a guy who never played beyond High School and works with Spread sheets all day long- (So take it for what it is worth)

Rosario- I saw the power yesterday and Friday with a double and a laser homer to right. But he is going to need some work at second getting comfortable in making the plays at this level. The ball is having issues staying in his glove and his positioning still needs some work. But it is worth it, if he develops to his potential and stays at second he could be one of those guys who provides power at position one does not normally find it. But this maybe one of times were we need to temper our natural tendencies for instant gratifiation. Rosario has time to improve and grow into that player.

Sano- I have not heard him make solid contact yet and have seen him chase a couple of wide pitches. Heard his Grand Slam was a good shot on Saturday, but didn't see it. I will say he has been a pleasant surprise with his defense. He looks like the most comfortable and seasoned defensive player on the infield, and I am not short changing Tyler Grimes and Rory Rhodes. Sano just looks smooth, he isn't going to make you remember Brooks Robinson, but he handles the balls hit to him very well.
Can't say I have seen his range, but he has the arm and showed good hands.

Starting Pitching- Ah...lets hope Boer and Shibuya have better days ahead.

Relief- Looks good. Best pitchers I saw were the guys out of the bullpen. Yesterday Ryan O'Rourke domainated the two innings he was in. It wasn't a contest. His second year in Low A started well. 3 K's in six batters. Corey Willams looked good yesterday too.

Offense-Besides Sano and Rosario. Not a lot. Ortiz impressed me with his swing. Yesterday 17 ground ball outs were hit into by the Snappers. 17! It's gotta to get better, right? We need to remember it is April, I am watching the Masters and not the PGA on TV.

So I will not see them for a week or so as they travel and I have stuff to do. Maybe by then things will improve and I can see a team with tight starting pitching and the scary offense we all anticipate.

As far as the Masters goes...BUBBA!!!
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