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Axel Kohagen

The Marlins Memo.

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From: Michael Fakename
To: Marlins Home Run Feature Design Team.

I. Love. It.

When I said I wanted something that looked like Rainbow Brite puked on a snowglobe, I was just a boy with a dream. You and your design team made this boy's dreams come true!

Can I make one small request? Could you add just ONE MORE Marlin to the display?

I'm envisioning a marlin that comes out of the top of the display, but real slowly. I mean, REALLY slowly. Almost creepy slow. It should just stop for a moment when it gets to the top, like, what's it going to do next? Then, boom! The marlin does a slow backward flip. Then, what's it going to do? Sinks back down behind the display just as slowly as it came!

If you can do that -- Perfection!

Michael Fakename


  1. Twins Fan From Afar's Avatar
    Love it. You're definitely right about that slow marlin at the top.
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