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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

Top 10 Moments of Twins History in my history

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Opening day is only 2 days away, we know who is starting, we know who we are starting against. We have done our projections on the team. We have done our projections on players like Liriano, Mauer, Morneau, Capps. It is about time to start the season. I get excited every year for Twins baseball. As I started this blog I always remembered games, players, and just watching baseball on WGN in the day, listening to Haray Carey and Steve Stone, or watching MSC/ Fox Sports Net at night when the Twins were on. I thought about my favortie twins moments, or what I remember most about watching the Twins in general. I am 31 years old, I can't count anything before 1991 I don't think. I remember a few things before that, but I can't put them in my most memorable. This list keep in mind is my personal list, I may miss some of great events for the Twins, but these are what I remember most.

10. The announcement of the new baseball stadium called Target Field, I saw a lot of baseball games at the dome, I still believe if it wasn't for the environment and the weird intricacies of the Dome, we wouldn't have won 2 World Series. I have to say after I left, "what would have been the last game at the dome", (because of game 163, I wasn't) I told myself I would miss the dome, and in some cases I still do, Target Field is amazing, and it is really cool to have a new outdoor stadium

9. I have to put this in this list because as a little leaguer I copied everything this pitcher did. I couldn't wait til he pitched and when I threw the ball against the garage day after day imagining I was in a real game I was this pitcher. Scott Erickson, black glove, pulled up black socks.

8. The evening that I was at the Reef in Duluth, MN watching the announcement from Bud Selig in 2002 that they would hold off contraction, thinking the worst a big group was watching the announcement, the Montreal Expos were finally announced to be contracted and the Minnesota Twins were going to stay at Metrodome. This was a very scary night to watch sports

7. October 6th, 2009, Game 163- We all seen it, but this is a fun link to go back to that ridiculous game, every inning had you on the edge of your seat. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/colum...7&sportCat=mlb

6. Johan Santanas 17 Strikeout performance vs the Rangers. The end of the 7th inning of this game, going into the 8th was really fun baseball to watch. Santana was literally unhittable, you knew, absolutely knew he was striking out the next batter, I had goose bumps watching the game at home. Seeing the 36,000 fans on there feet watching him mow down Rangers in the 8th was really fun to see.

5. This is a weird one, but once again one of my favorite Twins players ever. Brad Radke's retirement speech in 2006 really made me think about what a leader he was in MN, he went through the worst years the Twins had, could have made big money leaving the Twins, but stayed and helped the Twins win the division in 2002, then go on and beat the A's, which were heavily favored. He ended up helping the Twins win the division in 2003, 2004, and 2006.

4. Chuck Knoblauch, Greg Gagne. We all know the play, Terry Pendleton hits the ball in the gap, on a hit and run with Lonnie Smith on first, Knobby fakes the pitch to Gagne, Smith could have scored on the play, he ended up getting stranded, the Twins would score two innings later to hold on to a Twins World Series Victory.

3. There is a sweet bobble head doll that depicts Kent Hrbek "pulling" Ron Gant off the base in the 1991 World Series. ( Again this got moved up a little due to Hrbek being one of my favorite all time Twins players)

2. Kirby Puckett's performance in Game 6 of the 1991 World Series. I mean, the speech, the performance, game saving catches at the fence, along with a walk off HR, really!! "And we will see you tomorrow night" it never gets old, every time I hear Jack Buck say it I get the goose bumps.

1. Jack Morris performance in Game 7 of the 1991 World Series. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/08/sp...pagewanted=all I like hearing what the players had to say after a performance, ranked #2 game in the last 50 years. I have the game on my DVR, it was an unbelievable game.

Thursday is coming fast, I hope I can add a memory into the top 10 this year. I know I probably may have forgot key things that I would get scrutinized for, but thinking about it all, I think these are about right. It will be funny when I see some obvious ones in the comments, but again these are what came to my mind thinking about it today.
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  1. twinzgrl's Avatar
    1. Going to my first game at Metropolitan Stadium and sitting in the outfield bleachers, and watching Harmon Killebrew hit a home run.
    2. The 1991 World Series.
    3. The 1987 World Series
    4. The 1965 World Series, and crying after we lost game 7 to the Dodgers.
    5. Taking my dad to our first game at Target Field (Mauer got his MVP Award that day.)
    6. Watching Torii Hunter make many spectacular plays in the outfield.
    7. Watching Kirby hustle (even in meaningless spring training games.)
    8. Crying HARD when Kirby had to retire
    9. Watching Rod Carew steal home.
    10. Watching Tony O hit the ball.
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