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Peanuts from Heaven

These Season Previews Have Been Approved for All Audiences

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We really appreciate those intelligent, dedicated Twins bloggers who can analyze the minor league invitees, pick apart pitching motions and scrutinize batting stances until the Twins' prospects for the coming year can be understood by anyone with half-a-brain.

But we aren't those bloggers.

To us Spring Training is less a time to be studied and obsessed over and more like a trailer for the movie. Unfortunately, it's a trailer that goes on past the end of the average fan's attention span. So, if you've blown off checking out the Twins and Twins analysis until now DON'T WORRY!! We've got you covered with the following trailers! Just check out whichever one best meets your attitude as a fan and you'll be well prepared for the months ahead.

Note (if you believe we would be better served (legally speaking) by removing the videos we will do so post haste but you should still see them at our independent blog: here)

Trailer 1: For Optimists

Trailer 2: For Pessimists

Trailer 3: For Realists

So, are you an optimist, a pessimist or a realist?

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  1. woolhouse's Avatar
    I'm not sure... the videos are "Private" so I can't watch them. I was an optimist... but I guess now I'm a pessimist.
  2. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    Oops, should be fixed now...apologies to all
  3. woolhouse's Avatar
    They are fixed, and they were nice. Well done. Although Kristen Stewart scared me more than once.
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