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Fanatic Jack

Speed Bumps!

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The Twins are coming off one of the worst seasons in franchise history and the hope for 2012 is things will improve. I was excited in November when the quiet genius Terry Ryan returned as GM for an organization desperate for leadership. I believe he will transform this organization into a winner again, but it wonít be without some speed bumps along the way. It also will be done without the help of large payrolls. Ryan will rebuild this club through solid drafts, wise spending, player accountability, and some shrewd trades. The overall philosophy is to make smart roster decisions and look towards the future.

Ryan had a pretty good winter despite payroll being reduced by $15 million. I like the additions of Carroll, Doumit, and Willingham to a lineup that had trouble scoring runs in 2011. I believe re-signing Capps was the right move even if it made some people cringe. Watching veterans like Kubel, Cuddyer, and Nathan leave as free agents was tough to swallow but it makes sense moving forward. I really donít understand the signings of Marquis and Zumaya other than they were cheap. The starting rotation might improve be a little better but the bullpen looks like a mess right now. Ryan for some reason has adopted the same failed strategy as Smith did last year regarding the bullpen. Itís possible he might find more success but it seems highly implausible.

Spring training has not got off to a good start like everyone expected. The first day of camp Morneau tells the press he might have to retire if concussion symptoms return. The second day of camp Zumaya hrts his right elbow after throwing sixteen pitches in a bullpen session. What is in store for day three Mauer tears his ACL? The team and fans might have to endure more speed bumps in 2012 and beyond before winning baseball returns to Minnesota. Please feel free to leave me any comments because your opinion matters to me.

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