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The Nolasco Solution

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Put Nolasco in pen, long relief, let Swarzak go or whatever he can be dealt for..box of donuts etc...call May up...
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  1. TKGuy's Avatar
    Sounds like Gardy has had enough....
  2. tarheeltwinsfan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TKGuy
    Sounds like Gardy has had enough....
    So have I seen enough of Nolasco starting. 49 million dollars! Mauer's hurt again! What's that I hear off in the distance at Target Field? Oh Nooooooooooooooo! It sounds like a fat lady singing. Put up the signs...YARD SALE SATURDAY at Twins Way.
  3. huhguy's Avatar
    naw..lets wait for Pelfrey!
  4. tarheeltwinsfan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by huhguy
    naw..lets wait for Pelfrey!
    She's singing louder!
  5. jaimedude2's Avatar
    Is there any hope that one of his former teams the Marlins or the Dodgers would want him back if the Twins would eat most of the salary and get back some low level class A prospects?
    At this point you have to sell low on him or release him as he is not going to be getting better for the Twins. Better yet, fire Anderson get rid of Gardy, and bring in Cuellar as pitching coach. Cuellar always helped Liriano when he was in minors or hurt perhaps Cuellar can help right the ship on Nolasco.
  6. huhguy's Avatar
    getting rid of him isnt going to happen, he needs to go to long relief..and drop Swarzak completely or send Swarzak to aaa to try to turn him into a starter, I think nolasco could be effe tive in long relief..look at it this way, he is much worse than expected, and Hughes is much better, really have to like that deal with correia..being suitable and Gibson who knows from start to start?
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