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The Secret to hitting...

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We see it over and over, a player gets hot, he hits everything, then he slumps a little and it just continues.

Heres what you do, Arcia being the prime target for this, sit him down, two-three games, never let him get into a prolonged slump and let him go for 5+ games whiffing at everything.

Parmalee when he first came back did the same thing..then the slump..not three hits yesterday, in Arcia and Parmalee we have the ideal duo to do this.

Joe needs to sit as well..so Parms can go there when Arcia has been rested.

Hitting takes a ton of concentration and you have to let people rest mentally..

Im amazed that Escobar continues to play and hit well...but he could use a rest too...same now with Willingham

Try it we will like it!

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  1. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    A few years ago I heard Terry Ryan give a broad ranging talk, and one point he made was that if professional baseball wasn't played every day, there were dozens of guys who could hit .400. An interesting POV that I think ties in to what you are suggesting.
    Updated 06-19-2014 at 04:58 PM by ashburyjohn
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