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The Only Cup I Need is a Coffee Cup

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While the rest of America is struggling to find a seat on the World Cup bandwagon and spouting off regurgitated soccer stats, we here at Twins And Losses have been MIA. Plain and simple, we’ve been busy with life, and we suck! So here’s a photo that hopefully brings a smile to your faces:

Some quick notes:
- Kevin Correia’s monthly ERA total has gone down drastically each month. As a known Correia hater, it helps ease my mind somewhat that there are signs of improvement. From 7.33 in April, to 4.72 in May, to 3.18 in June. Don’t believe me? Click this link and be amazed: http://espn.go.com/mlb/player/gamelo.../kevin-correia
- Yohan Pino is getting his first MLB start on Thursday. The Twins have called up the 30 year old career minor leaguer (Ruiz, Colabello), who like May and Meyer, are tearing up AAA Rochester. Pino is 9-1, with a 1.92 ERA in 61 IP. He’s gotten 61 strikeouts to 16 balls, and thrown 2 complete game shutouts. One more thing, he was also a member of the Twins’ orginization about a month before Plouffe, Perkins, and Swarzak were drafted.
- I never thought I would be at a point in my Twins fandom where I wanted Aaron Hicks and Trevor Plouffe to come back as soon as possible. The dropped ball by Arcia vs. Detroit still haunts my dreams. *Shudders*
- Still in a wanderlust due to the Twins signing Kendrys Morales last week. I thought it was a cruel joke started by someone on the interwebs. Luckily he showed up and has been playing on par with his career numbers. There’s still a little rust to shake off, but Morales has been a nice addition to the Twins, doing what Jason Kubel could not.
- Speaking of Kubel, I wish him all the best. I hope he latches on with another team, and gets the chance to retire on his terms. Kubel’s first stint with the Twins was a key part of so many of our post-season runs, so it makes me sad to see how far he’s fallen. That being said, I wasn’t happy that we re-signed him along with Bartlett and Guerrier. Fortunately Matty G. is all that’s left of the “Reunion Tour,” and I don’t for-see him staying with the club all season.


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