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Strength of Schedule- Tigers vs Twins

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If you classify MLB by Upper (teams with > than 3 games above .500), Mid (those at least <=3 + or - .500), and Lower (teams > than 3 games below .500) you can compare the following through the Twins first 60 and Tigers first 58 games:

Winning %
Twins Tigers
Upper = .429 .385
Mid = .448 .576
Lower = .700 .750

% of games played
Twins Tigers
Upper = 35% 22%
Mid= 48% 57%
Lower= 17% 21%

Of course the discrepancy is largely due to fact that the Tigers are in an Upper class themselves. If you calc out rest of season based on winning % thus far this season within each category, the Twins end up 79-83 and the Tigers 93-69. HOWEVER, if you look at just the Indians and Twins winning % against the Tigers thus far and apply those winning percentages to the remaining 28 games the Tigers must play against both us and Tito’s group, the Tigers lose 6 games (down to 85-77) and we pick up 4 (up to 83-79). This makes the rest of season incredibly interesting assuming we continue to play at pace we have so far…
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  1. twinsfanstl's Avatar
    I meant the Tigers lose 8 (not 6, typo) as they would both lose an additional 4 against us and the Indians...
  2. VandyTwinsFan's Avatar
    The Tigers are about to play the White Sox, Twins, Royals, and then Cleveland. By June 22nd we should have a pretty good idea of who the better AL Central teams are by comparing them to the current leader. Here's to hoping that a healthy lineup of dozier, mauer, willingham, arcia, morales, and plouffe great the Tigers with some bombs!
  3. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    if Jared Burton is still pitching for the Twins the next time they see the Tigers, the bombs we'll be seeing will come from Tiger bats. Jared "just bombs" Burton and his 6+ ERA need to go.
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