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The No Juice Podcast, Episode #7: Memorial Day

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Name:	majik.jpg 
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ID:	7589On this week’s episode of the No Juice Podcast, Dan Anderson and Parker Hageman decided to work on a holiday.

This episode contains all of the recommended weekly dosage of Twins talk in addition to wedding preparations, Timberwolves coaching issues, Little Big League and we answer all of your #BurningQuestions. Dan also agrees to shave his head if the Twins are above .500 on June 16th. Nothing will happen to Parker’s hair if Dan is right. Stay tuned.

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0:00 to 5:48: Introduction and Dan’s Wedding Preview.
5:49 to 9:30: Aaron Hicks decides to give up switch-hitting. Reactions.
9:31 to 20:35: Josh Willingham and Oswaldo Arcia return to the lineup. Neither will switch-hit. Will the outfield defense improve?
20:36 to 27:27: Metrodome Memories: How much would you pay for a Metrodome trough and what poster did Little Big League’s Billy Heywood have in his room that pissed Parker off?
27:28 to 29:06: Weird European Sports Update.
29:07 to 38:59: The Minnesota Timberwolves – A plane crash into a train wreck into a crowded population or watchable? What crazy person would actually want to coach this team?
39:00 to 40:20: Super Bowl in Minnesota chat. Will the state change the Sunday liquor sales rules because of the event?
40:21 to 43:00: Saving the Mini-Met and other town ball fields in Minnesota.
43:01 to 50:22: Twins Daily in the Twin Cities Business Magazine and monetizing blogs.
50:23 to 60:00: Answering your #BurningQuestions.
60:01 to End: Final Thoughts.


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