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DedunoSpeak (tv)

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I have constantly championed Samuel Deduno. Despite his success there are always the detractors, who listen to media instead of making valid observations, maybe they dont watch twins games.

Yesterday was very different Deduno Speak, Dick and Bert were efffusive in their praise for him, hmmmmm..something came down from on high this was in sharp contrast to earlier comments..the players and Andy all gave him huge praise and Andy was right on about him pitching..to be effective and and as good as he was yesterday (do you know how close he was to a no hitter?) he has to be unchained,,do his thing and when he does..he is great..to quote Dozier..almost unhittable...

So lets put the Deduno control is bad, erratic to rest..realize he is DIFFERENT..like a fastballing knuckleballer and in that difference we have a a special pitcher who I still maintain will be no worse than the 2nd best Twins Starter at the end of the year..Hats off to Gardy who played this one right!
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  1. Otwins's Avatar
    Deduno is different. He is entertaining. Glad he took Pelfrey's spot
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