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A Realistic Fix to the 2014 Twins

And the next starting pitcher to join the rotation is?

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2014 was labeled, and I feel acurately, as a transition year for the Twins. A year where we begin to say goodbye to three disappointing and frustrating years of non-contention, bad baseball, and 90 loss seasons. A year where we begin to talk about a more competitive team who could threaten for a .500 record who has a legitimate chance to win nightly/daily. A team bridging the gap for higher expectations in 2015 and beyond.

Despite disappointing setbacks to such talented prospects as Sano, Buxton and Rosario, the Twins boast one of the most talented minor leagues in all of baseball. And despite the setbacks to those potential difference makers, there is a very large contingent of talented prospects enjoying fine seasons in the minors and continuing their trek Northward.

The Twins made an elaborate, for them, and unexpected foray in to FA this past offseason to shore up the teams biggest weakness, the starting rotation. A rotation to make the team competitive built around building blocks such as Mauer, Dozier, Pinto, Arcia, and those that might make their presence felt at some point this year and next, etc.

Despite some early and disappointing failings, Hughes has been pitching anywhere from good to outstanding. Nolasco is warming up and looking very good these days. And despite a couple rough outings, Gibson has begun to perform like the top prospect we've been anxiously awaiting.

However, despite a solid, overall consistent 2013, Correia has been a big disappointment so far. And while there were other options available that I liked better than Pelfrey, I couldn't really argue with the Twins re-signing based on projections of being a full year further removed from surgery and the tease of a couple very solid months pitched last season before running out of steam late.

Correia looks nothing like the pitcher he was last year. Pelfrey looks even worse. Deduno, perhaps a far better than average 5th starter who simply can't handle the workload of a 30+ start schedule, is back in the rotation where he should be, and deserves to be.

This leaves the Twins in need of one additional SP. Who is that person? I'm not saying the move takes place tomorrow. But first of June? Mid June? When and who?

What say you?
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  1. Zephrin's Avatar
    The ultimate answer should be Meyer, but his lack of innings pitched last year probably has him on a Gibson path - a handful of MLB starts mid-summer. Darnell and Kris Johnson seem likely to have a cup of coffee as well - especially in the August/September timeframe.
  2. birddog's Avatar
    We finally have some solid options to choose from in the minors, but Meyer has to be the #1 option. Consistency is his drawback, but as soon as the date passes which prevents him from being a Super 3, the Twins need to call him up and work under the tutelage of our top pitching coaches in the system and learn at the major league level. Has anyone noticed all the empty seats at Target this year? I like the influx of the youngsters like Pinto and Santana this year and good to see Gibson staying with the big boys. But a ground ball pitcher like Gibson won't draw the fans like a true #1 who will get double digit Ks (if he can keep his pitch count down) like Meyer is capable of.
  3. tarheeltwinsfan's Avatar
    Meyer. I realize some say wait, however he appears to be the best we have now at any level, including the major leagues. Let's get this pitcher pitching at the highest level and stop wasting time and his arm. He won't stop learning in the majors...in fact his learning curve has a higher ceiling playing against the best and with presumably the best coaches and manager and the helpful teammates. Better competition makes good players better players.
  4. DocBauer's Avatar
    As of today, Meyer, May and Darnell all have very solid numbers. W-L records mean very little at this point.

    Meyer: 3.79 ERA and 1.29 Whip with 49 SO 21 BB in 40 IP in 8 starts.
    May: 4.11 ERA and 1.11 Whip with 41 SO 13 BB in 35 IP in 7 starts.
    Darnell: 2.32 ERA and 1.19 Whip 33 SO 11 BB in 31 IP in 6 starts through his start Saturday.

    Not that I believe you HAVE to have a LH in the rotation, but what about Darnell?
  5. beckmt's Avatar
    I think we do get a look at Darnell at some point this season, probably after Correria is gone, Meyer may wait for more consistency, May we also may see at some point(either he or Darnell are likely to be called up before Meyer). Meyer will be seen if the Twins fall out in the next two months otherwise probably will be September depending on innings pitched this year.
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