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1/4 season done at .500 Can This Team Contend?

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We are currently 1 of 9 teams within a game and a half of the 2nd wild card spot. Knowing our major weaknesses can we fill them enough to be a contender this season?

Our SS position went hitless in April causing a huge whole in the lineup. Escobar is currently at .347 with around 100 plate appearances. if he even hits.275 its a huge upgrade at that position. CF appears to be a patchwork of Hicks, Fuld, and Santana until something gets figured out. Still a black hole. but one hole is ok. Colabello has been slipping along with Kubel and Plouffe. Parmelee seems to be this months Colabello. Willingham is about a week or 2 away from coming back and Arcia is a phone call away, so we have internal options for offense.

So on offense we really only need a CF who can hit and maybe a back up IF who can too.

On pitching, Deduno has moved into the rotation and has been ok. Hughes has been excellent, Gibson is inconsistent after a good start, Nolasco has come on after a terrible start, and Corriea is nearing his last chance. Luckily we have several candidates who can come up and start games in Meyer, May, Darnell, and Johnson.

The bullpen is a strength with depth in the minors too. We even have surplus players we can use in a trade if the opportunity presents itself.

I feel like we have the depth to compete minus CF everybody contributes and gets deployed properly.
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