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Loving the New Gardy..

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Wow Gardy is no longer in love with the Mendoza line! Love todays lineup, Gardy is desperately trying to get some hitting in the lineup..absolutely love Santana being in, love Parmalee call up...love ANYBODY is spelling Kubel for a bit..(he will rebound)

One thing concerning..is Pinto finally starting to hit again..but sitting..but Suzuki is Superman!..I know the cape will tear eventually..but loving seeing him fly!
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  1. Sconnie's Avatar
    Not a big fan of Nunez in LF
  2. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    Had a nice debate with Seth while he was manning the TD twitter during today's game. He sees Nunez as a utility guy, but I dont think he has enough offense or defense to be a MLB caliber player, even in a bench roll.

    As far as Gardy trying to get bats into the lineup, I'm not so sure. He's got Pinto on the bench now that the emergency 3rd catcher is gone. I don't understand why he is so afraid of losing the DH if Suzuki goes down while Pinto is DHing. Eduardo Escobar or even Joe Mauer (gasp!) could catch a couple innings in an emergency, or the Twins could pinch hit for the pitcher/DH spot a couple times if need be (assuming they start having bench bats, and not a 13+ man pitching staff.).

    This is a bit of a rant, I appologize, but the roster construction since opening day and the Jason Bartlett fiasco just has be all riled up.
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