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Shortstop found, Johnson not viable...cf?

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Escobar clearly took command of shortstop, will he continue to hit? Not at that rate for sure..but at least he gives you the possibility of making contact...

Kris Johnson? No Way.. Wait for Jose....

CF? I really like Fuld but History suggests...He will falter...Trade a AA prospect for established CF? I certainly wouldnt put all my eggs in The Buxton Basket
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  1. Twins Twerp's Avatar
    I have officially put my eggs in the buxton basket. Plus i put some eggs in buxtons basket that werent even mine...he is the cf of the not so distant future...like next may.
  2. kdrupp09's Avatar
    Hopefully he tears up AA when he gets there and gets a September call-up for this year!
  3. Sconnie's Avatar
    I'm with you, like SS, not near enough CF depth close to MLB ready. Hopefully Buxton works out, and then have two good CF options.
  4. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    Hicks concussion DL is a tough move on the organization. Fuld is a servicable back-up CF/4th outfielder, but I don't expect him to shine in the everyday roll. The Twins OF defense will be sketchy at best until Hicks can get back out there. Trading Revere/Span definitely put a gap in the CF plans, especially with Hicks not yet rising to the occasion.
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