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ESPN Power Rankings

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I need some help. I do not understand how ESPN reaches and sets the Power Rankings on a weekly basis. Last week on the day the Power Rankings came out, the Twins, yes our beloved Twins, led the league in OBP (.353%) Walks, and were one run behind the White Sox for the league lead in runs. Yet, the Twins were ranked 27th. REALLY??
I should add I am not under any illusions about how good the Twins are, especially their pitching staff, but can somebody help me with the 27th ranking out of 30 teams, even though the Twins were 9-9? Maybe I am biased, but in my eyes, I seem much less biased the ESPN sportswriters who come up with this stuff.
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  1. Twins Twerp's Avatar
    Because it is just an average ranking of analysts. Obp has nothing to do with it...maybe they watch the pitching staff and assume the record cant last...which it cant
  2. DuluthFan's Avatar
    It has less to do with how a team is actually playing and more with how the team is perceived by the sports writers that vote. If you have never watched the rankings week to week before, they tend to focus on the upper positions. Unless you are horribly bad they tend to not take as much time choosing the mid to lower positions. The Twins will need to do something extraordinary to get the writers to pay attention. I too think they should be ranked higher based on their current play, but the writers wont pay attention until it becomes obvious.

    There was one instance where I commented on their site on the placement of a Minnesota team before and it seemed like they took notice. I don't know if it was coincidence or not. But I would suggest a few well worded comments when the next list is posted on Tuesday could make the writers take a second look for the following week's list. As long as the team does it's thing and continues to play .500 ball, it is conceivable to see them ranked in the higher the following week.
  3. DuluthFan's Avatar
    Oh and beating the Tigers next week should help.
  4. LaBombo's Avatar
    When you've been this bad for this long, it takes more than three good weeks to change the minds of writers.
  5. Brandon's Avatar
    Yahoo has the Twins ranked 26th. Annoying yes, but when I go back and look at the standings there aren't many teams that are more than 2 games under .500 and the Twins still have one of the worst rotations. I don't think I would rank them higher than 20th at this point. but at the end of the season if the Twins remain at .500 then they should be ranked from 14th to 18th more than likely.
  6. Dainir's Avatar
    Especially when we are talking about a team that is scoring way more runs than it did before, thanks primarily to unproven players, or players who track record suggests that they are over performing. Basically there is no reason to believe that the twins can sustain this scoring. If they keep it up for a while longer, then they will start taking notice. But right now its to early to say they are the real deal and this isn't just blip on the radar.
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