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Kurt Suzuki

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Maybe it's too early for this, but...Kurt Suzuki:

Great free agent signing, or the greatest free agent signing?
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  1. BigTrane's Avatar
    Hey, why not? I'll put my name on this one... 51 views and no posts...

    After the AJ debacle, I was on board early w/Suzuki, basically as a guy who could help Pinto make the transition. Nobody believed in his bat, and even I had some skepticism. Still, the guy doesn't strike out like your average '13 Twins hitter...

    For the record, I never saw the Suzuki vs. Pinto debate as an either-or. We'll see more Suzuki early, less later- a transition is in place. Meantime, he's looking good with the bat so doubters think: without his production, what would or OF stats look like at this point?

    More power to ya, Kurt!
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