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White Sox and Twins: Rebuilding

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The contrast in rebuild between the a White a Sox and Twins is shown in the acquisition of 27 and under players since last opening day.

White Sox

Adam Eaton
Adrian Nieto
Avisail Garcia
Jose Abreau
Leary Garcia
Maikel Clato
Conor Gilaspie almost makes the list. He was acquired last spring training.


Phil Hughes (actually it is his age 28 season and he is older than any of the White Sox 7)

There has been an argument that the Twins can't go young because they don't gave any young players. Maybe they need to go out and acquire them. Maybe they need to let Willingham go and create the need for an Adam Eaton. Maybe they need to deal a Perkins to get a young talent like Avisail Garcia.

It has been said that it can't hurt to sign guys like Bartlett, Kubel and Guerrier. Maybe it does hurt. Maybe it keeps the Twins from looking for younger options.

Teams need young players to rebuild. The Twins enter this season with 14 players in their 30s. I don't know if it is an opening day record for them. I do know that only the 1991 Twins ended the season having played more players in their 30s. They played 15. They weren't rebuilding. They were going for it with a core that was getting older. What are these Twins doing?
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  1. Sconnie's Avatar
    I agree that Bartlett and Kubel preclude the front office from acquiring young talent for a rebuild, and this is indeed far too old of a team to be considered a youthful rebuild.

    What does AA and AAA look like for major league caliber and ready prospects for each team? I'm not certain, but maybe Chicago had to acquire young players because they had none in their system ready and adequate for the bigs.

    i think this will be a telling season for the Twins front office. By mid season you could see the full rebuild on.
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