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Rochester Roster Projection

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I don't know how well many of you know me but my name is Travis Aune and I am a cohost of Seth Stohs every Thursday night this season on Twins Minor League Weekly. I have a blog over at travistwinstalk.blogspot.com and I do some Twins stuff, but my main focus because I truly enjoy it is the minor leagues. I am nowhere near the class of Seth as he is the Godfather of the Minor Leagues and he amazes me the amount of material he writes and knows. Seth is a giant and I am a midget compared to him. With that being said I know alot about the minor leagues as well and I am sharing some here at Twins Daily a great site that I am truly glad the Twin Centric guys developed. So every so often I am going to post blog postings and I will also be active in the forums so I am glad to be here. With that said over the next few days I am going to project rosters of the Minor League affiliates and most likely I will be wrong on most of them, but I think it can create a good discussion when the rosters are introduced.

C- Drew Butera
1b-Aaron Bates
2b-Tsyoshi Nishioka
SS- Brian Dozier
3b- Michael Holliman
LF- Wilkin Ramirez
CF- Joe Benson
RF- Rene Tosoni
DH Matt Carson

Ray Chang
JR Towles
Rene Rivera

1. Liam Hendriks
2. Scott Diamond
3. Daryl Thompson
4. Esmerling Vasquez
5. PJ Walters

Anthony Slama
Jeff Gray
Carlos Gutierrez
Jeff Manship
Tyler Robertson
Cole Devries
Deolis Guerra

There is my picks of course I will be wrong on 90 percent of my picks. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my choices if I forgot someone or if someone you dont think will make it. Thanks again

Updated 03-29-2012 at 08:17 AM by travistwinstalk

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  1. Twins Fan From Afar's Avatar
    Those look reasonable to me.
    Travis, I added you to my blogroll at Twins Fan From Afar. I was shocked to realize that I hadn't done so before!
  2. SirLoin's Avatar
    Didn't Suarez get cut the other day?
  3. travistwinstalk's Avatar
    dont sure on Suarez will have to look into it
  4. nicksaviking's Avatar
    It's unfortunate to say, but The Twins should really consider cutting the cord on Nishioka. The Twins don't have much infield talent, but Florimon, Chang and possibly Holliman shouldn't be given reduced playing time in favor of the already failed expirment. None of those three will ever be more than a utility player, but they still look to be more useful than Nishi.
  5. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Suarez was among those released on Tuesday.

    Nishioka had another 3-hit AAA game yesterday. I think it's kind of hard to just give up completely if there is a chance.
  6. wagwan's Avatar
    Towles catching and on the bench versatility! jk who do you think that other bench guy might be?
  7. nicksaviking's Avatar
    I guess if Nishioka is hitting there is good reason to keep him around. I retract my criticism. Still the real test is going to be if he can figure out how to play defense. That's going to be tough if Dozier gets the nod at SS and he's stuck at 2B.
  8. James Richter's Avatar
    Is Vasquez going to start? I'm still hoping Gray winds up filling a slot in that rotation (not in the Twins' bullpen). Anyway, it's already a pretty good AAA lineup, and either Parmelee or Revere could still wind up joining it. And I really like the bullpen - at least three of those guys should be able to earn an extended call-up this year. The good people of Rochester should enjoy watching the Redwings a lot more in 2012.
  9. darin617's Avatar
    Does this mean Drew Butera goes to AA or is that why Towles is listed twice? They don't need 3 catchers with Morneau DH.
  10. Thrylos's Avatar
    Pedro, not Manuel Florimon and he hasn't played a single inning of 3B. Burroughs or Hollimon will be the starting 3B at Rochester (whomever does not make the big team). Also I think that Butera will be in Rochester. Towles has an outside shot to make the Twins, but not Butera, over Hollimon or Burroughs if Gardy wants to go with 3 Catchers. I think Butera is done
  11. Ultima Ratio's Avatar
    Is the second Towles on the bench supposed to be Mike Hollimon? If not, where is Hollimon at this year?
    Updated 03-28-2012 at 10:48 PM by Ultima Ratio
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