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time right to trade with mariners?

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Seems like they could use a stop gap in rotation after first 2 days of camp 2 starters down/iffy. Do they have a ss prospect that would match in a trade for one of worley/gibson/deduno or maybe one of our 4 lh aaaa ceiling Guys?
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  1. twinsfanstl's Avatar
    Ba lists chris taylor ss in top 10 and guesses mlb ready by late 2014. Above avg fielder hit .312 in aa and is definitely blocked
  2. Steve Lein's Avatar
    I've liked Brad Miller for a while...
  3. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    I'm not sure the Mariners need back of the rotation guys. Their system has plenty of pitching talent that can come in and fill any back of the rotation voids. I like the idea of moving some SP depth from the organization, I just don't see the M's giving up a valued prospect in return. The M's need position players who don't play DH/1B/2B, not more arms.
  4. darin617's Avatar
    In order to get actual talent back you need to offer something more than AAAA filler. Worley might bring back a decent player if the Twins think he has no chance to make the roster. You can't expect much if you don't include a lower level prospect in any deal.
  5. johnnydakota's Avatar
    Time to trade Kevin Correia ?
  6. Otwins's Avatar
    I am thinking Willigham. Seatle was talking to and close to signing Nelso Cruz. The talks didn't progress as they may need their resources for pitching. We should offer Willingham and even put some money in for the right shortstop prospect.
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