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Farming The Twins

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It almost goes without saying that the past few seasons have been tough for the Minnesota Twins; there have been at least 96 defeats for three consecutive seasons and the latest MLB betting suggests that it might be another year before things turn around for the better.

Yes, this year, the Twins front office has added some decent pieces to the roster through free agency but the real resurgence will surely only come when the wave of prospects that the Twins have stockpiled comes to fruition - and thatís likely to happen in 2015. Patience has been a key trait for Twins fans and that may start to pay off soon as the Twins really do have some top prospects that could drive them back to the top of the American League Central.

The best of the prospects is without doubt Byron Buxton, who has the tools and has shown in his performance in the minors that he could make the step into the big leagues this year; although, he is likely to make his debut next year and go on to be one of the best players in the next decade. Another exciting prospect for the Twins is third baseman, Miguel Sano, who, although he will not be an ďeliteĒ in that category, has a good defensive profile, but itís his batting potential that is exciting with the raw power to hit plenty of home runs in the future.

Pitching is always going to play a major part in any MLB game and fans betting MLB World Series know the Twins have gathered quite a number of prospects in this position, led by Alex Meyer, who is a powerful right-handed pitcher with the potential to fit into the rotation anywhere. He has proved capable of handling a starting role in the future.

Alongside Meyer would come other pitching prospects such as Kohl Stewart; another right- hander who probably needs a little more time but looks as though he could be worthy of a place in the Majors. The pitching strength or potential doesnít end there; the Twins also have tucked away Jose Berrios, Lewis Thorpe, and Stephen Gonsalves and any of that trio could also be considered to have real potential to add to the Twins rotation; although, it would be Meyer who remains the real jewel in that crown.

So, after the gloom, inconsistency, and poor results of the past few years, there really is hope on the horizon for the Twins, via the talent that the team have stockpiled, along with some big free agent signings and experience that should see the Twins back on the way to the top after some wilderness years.
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