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What should Twins response be to Yankees attempt to control the internation market

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According to a post I saw yesterday on mlbtraderumors the Yankees were quoted as saying money was no object to them in the international market.
Teams are given a set amount to spend in the international market and then a 100% luxury tax kicks in along with other penalties. The Yankees have I believe somewhere around 2 million to spend and they are talking in the range of 12-15 million not including the luxury tax.
Do the small market and mid market teams need to stand up and make this a hard cap or insist on a draft for the international market. If the Yankee's plan is allowed, this cap has become just a joke. The big market teams will sign who they want and drive the prices up on the better players and leave only the crumbs for the mid and small market teams.
Should be an interesting ride as the Cubs did something similar last year.
What should the Twins response be, just spend the money if they feel the player is worthwhile and take gambles to drive up the price on the rest, or join the mid and smaller market teams to close this loophole.
This loophole may close if there is an international player draft coming.
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  1. darin617's Avatar
    I think the Yankees are just saying this now so MLB will step in and stop a team from doing what that Cubs were smart enough to pull off last year. They are just upset that they didn't think of it first and think that if it is eliminated players will want to sign with the Yankees because they have a great history of paying high salaries.
  2. Joe A. Preusser's Avatar
    An international draft is definitely the way to go. In the short term, were does the money from the luxury tax go? If it is distributed to the other teams, then I say let the stupid Yankees overpay and give us more money to be more competitive. I don't think any team owns international markets per se, I have been happy with how the Twins have scouted and signed a number of young guys over the past several years. But again, a draft needs to be in place at some point.
  3. old nurse's Avatar
    Significantly going over the cap also results in being only able to sign players for a limited amount the following year., 250000 or 500000 depending on how much you go over. If you like enough players one year and figure on trading your cap money the following year it would make sense to go over. If you figure they are going to change the rules again, it would make sense to go over if money is not a limiting factor.
  4. beckmt's Avatar
    It was not so much that the Yankees were planning on going over, it was the amount over(in the range of 12 -15 million over their 2-2.5 million cap. It could also be they are planning on using this to restock their farm system which is weak. I do not know what would be available to the Yankees on this plan(if there are several very interesting players they feel it would be worthwhile to sign). Or if this is designed to force a rule change. They watched the Cubs spend double there allotment this year and net two of the top 5 players and 2 others in the top 30. The money the Yankees are quoted as their budget would allow them to sign almost if not all of the top 30 players eligible this year in the market. Not all would make it, it would just give the Yankees a competitive edge for one year in this market. But if the Yankees were able to use this strategy every other year, maybe they figure that agents and friends would hold back players until the Yankees could be players. Do not know the answer, it is just another way of a big market team using the system to their advantage. It is also why most other sports either have hard caps or weighted caps and drafts.
  5. old nurse's Avatar
    What is the success rate of top 5 16 year old prospects versus top 50 versus the field?
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