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Tiger just cant change its stripes....

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Recently I complained about GATG and their lack of baseball, so I downloaded their recent podcast. Dont bother, it was wayyy worse than the one I complained about. I wonder what their goal is, comedy? ouch...Cant be baseball, remotely touched on...my advice to you, watch for Seths podcast or any other but GATG unless you for some reason need to listen to senseless drivel....avoid or completely waste your time. I am aware that Bonnes can ban me and you never have the benefit of my opinion again..but here is my dissent...
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  1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    No one would ban you for expressing a well thought-out opinion. It's completely fair to make the comments that you are about GATG. It would be completely fair for people to not like or enjoy the Twins Hangouts that Jeremy and I have been doing. The goals of the two shows are very different. The Talk to Contact podcast does some great work too. The nice thing is that Twins fans have options. And, part of the beauty of Twins Daily is that it is OK for not everyone to agree about Twins topics or format of a podcast. All we ask if that people do it in a well thought-out manner. (and if you do get banned, let me know )
  2. johnnydakota's Avatar
    Really banned for no reason ? Never hahaha Merry Christmas everyone
  3. Steve Penz's Avatar
    It will be interesting to see if you post on this again. Your point is made. You don't dig their content and that is crystal clear.
  4. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    How about those guys on the Talk to Contact podcast. I hear one of them lives out in Seattle and is roundly considered to be the most handsome man in the greater Seattle area, surgically attached two cheetahs to a kid's legs, a cannon to his arm, and webbed the fingers of his left hand. The super prospect is being raised in his basement which is a super-facility. If A.T. Grade turns out to be a true 80 grade prospect, I suspect we'll be hearing about more than just Twins baseball on the Talk to Contact podcast.

    As for GatG, they bring solid talk when they get to the baseball. I liked them more in the early days, but I don't listen any less now. As a Twins fan living in Seattle, it's nice just to hear a couple guys having a conversation loosely centered around Twins baseball. Next time you get annoyed with their non-baseball talk, crack a beer yourself, put your legs up on the coffee table and hit fast forwarded on your audio device. There is goodness to be found.
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