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Have the Twins found their new CF?

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From a pure hitting perspective, it's easy to see why Manager Ron Gardenhire has put Danny Santana in center field twice. He's hitting better than CF Aaron Hicks, although he does not cover as much ground.

Eduardo Escobar has also seemingly found his bat. So to have Escobar at SS and Santana in CF makes the most sense from a hitting perspective.

Although neither Escobar or Santana are as good at fielding as say, Pedro Florimon at SS or Hicks in CF, both appear to be adequate defensively.

Santana has played 23 games in CF out of 523 games in the minor leagues. He has handled 40 chances there without an error, and with one assist.

Escobar has zero experience in CF in the minor leagues; he played one game in RF. But he has played a lot in the infield at 3B, SS and 2B.

The real question is, can their bats consistently provide enough offense to outweigh their defensive shortcomings?

Certainly with Byron Buxton injured this year, it might be 2015 before the anointed superstar athlete makes it to the bigs. In the meantime, the Twins need a CF.

When Buxton does make his grand opening, Santana will likely be at SS and Escobar on the bench again.
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  1. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    If Santana continued playing center, it would only be a matter of time before we saw something-Escobar or Colabello-like.
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