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Diversity in the Minor Leagues

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There are roughly 145 minor league players in the Twins organization. As I look at the Twins current players - I found these approximate numbers:
96 Players - White 66%
Players - Hispanic / Latino 28%
06 Players - African American 4%
03 Players - Asian 2%

Does anyone know how these numbers correlate with the rest of the (MLB) league? This has the Twins with at least 34% of their MiLB players being minorities. What happened to all the African American baseball players in America?

It was fun watching the Cedar Rapids players getting along so well and playing as a team. Coach Mauer did an excellent job of bringing his diverse ball club together and playing as professionals. They seem to have genuine love for each other. I'm excited to see these players grow into future Twins at the MLB level.
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  1. Thrylos's Avatar
    This is kinda of a slippery slope, because you are mixing ethnicity (e.g. Hispanic) with race (e.g. black/African American, white, Asian, native etc). African Americans/blacks can be Hispanic or not. Dominican republic is part of the Americas so people with Dominican origin are also considered Americans.

    That said, I suspect that you are asking why there are so few non-hispanic blacks in the Twins' system. I think that your count is off. I counted at least 6 who played with Cedar Rapids last season:

    Josh Burris
    Byron Buxton
    Niko Goodrum
    Tyler Jones
    Adam Walker
    J.D. Williams

    might even be more.

    Getting inner city kids in the US (African American or not) to play baseball has not been very successful, thus programs like RBI. And it is not the Twins, it is the whole league.
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