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Kazmir or Nolasco?

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Recognizing first the possibility that Kazmir had little interest in joining the Twins vs. A's, I'm wondering what the feeling is out there about Kazmir on a 2/22 vs. Nolasco on a 4/48 contract. Personally, I prefer Kazmir and his contract, since he has more upside and the commitment is shorter. In fact, I'd have gone higher (2/24 or 25) for Kazmir if he really did prefer the A's to see if he might think twice.
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  1. h2oface's Avatar
    Kazmir all day. I don't blame him for liking the A's though. And a 4 year for Nolasco is going to be too long. They have Billy Beane, and the Twins have Terry Ryan. That's a no brainer. It would be cool to hear Led Zeppelin's Kashmir on the way to the mound........ if he doesn't use it, he should.
  2. old nurse's Avatar
    Kazmir will benefit from a great pitching coach in Curt Young. That will make Oakland look like they got a steal. It also might means that Colon is done in Oakland and would be available for a 1 year deal.
    Nolasco vs Kazmir? Coulda, woulda, shoulda. I don't think it was either/or. The better hindsight argument might be should have they spent more moneyon Kazmir rather than sign Hughes as your risk/reward player. I would agree on that.
  3. Otwins's Avatar
    I am OK without getting Kazmir. I had not seen a prediction of more than 2 years because of durability questions. I am not sure Twins are contending in next two years. I think he is a better fit for Oakland than Nolasco would be. But for the Twins I like Nolasco. Only time will tell.
  4. pierre75275's Avatar
    i would rather have the Kazmir contract then Nolasco. But I dont think thats a fair question. i think the real question is whether i would rather have the Hughes contract or Kazmir. And i would rather have Hughes
  5. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Kaz over either of the pitchers we got.

    That said, I am really pleased that the Twins have done something that is almost certainly going to lead to a better season than we have had the last 3 years.

    Go Ricky! Go Phil!
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