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Jimmy Rollins being shopped

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MLBTR has an item stating that the Phillies would be willing to trade Jimmy Rollins. In the article, it's stated:

"Rollins, 35, struggled at the plate in 2013, batting .252/.318/.348..."

Meanwhile our resident starter pleased some fans with his progress, posting .221/.281/.330.

I don't particularly advocate trading for Rollins, as I assume the Phils want prospects the Twins won't want to part with and the Twins won't want to invest $11M a year in an aging player. I'm just mindful that one team's "struggled" can be better on offense than another team's "incumbent shortstop".
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  1. beckmt's Avatar
    Rollins has a full no trade clause, so don't expect him to come here.
  2. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Very fair point in addition.
  3. twinsfan34's Avatar
    Can we send back Trevor May?
  4. twinsfan34's Avatar
    With the age of the players the Phillies have signed...may not want prospects. Seem more bent on 'win now'...probably because they're so old already and yet have so much money tied into it. It's almost like you're at the poker table...and you already got 80% of your chips in, and don't want to walk away without that 80% - so they'll risk the 20% remaining.

    Boston managed to reverse it though...so it can be done.
  5. twinsfan34's Avatar
    Sorry, that was more from the Phillies point of view.

    Have always liked Rollins as a player. His 2007 was magical. 20-20-20-20 season.

    35 is probably too old to be relevant to the Twins window. My idea of thinking is if you're not able to compete or close to competing, try to figure out what the young guys can do - and if possible, get then as much game exposure as possible if they show growth.

    To make it a little bit of a discussion...

    If it was for one season only, I'd rather pay Rollins 11M than Stephen Drew 11M.
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