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Twins Top 65 Prospects (21-30)

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30. Aderlin Mejia, SS/2B/Util, SH, DOB: 5/12/92
2013 A+: 328 plate appearances, .308/.359/.349 (.708, .664 career), 10 doubles, 1 triple, 0 homers, 26 walks, 30 strikeouts, 14 stolen bases, 10 times caught stealing

Mejia has been fortunate to be in the right place (Fort Myers) at the right time when that team suddenly needs a player due to injury. Mejia ran with the opportunity this year at Fort Myers, even though he basically jumped from the GCL. That's a big jump, but Mejia still produced as a solid contact hitter who gets a decent amount of walks while rarely striking out. He played all over the place, but most importantly he played good defense at shortstop. A lot screams "younger version of James Beresford" but hopefully Mejia can add some pop to his bat. He will really benefit from a full season at Fort Myers next year.

29. Dakota Watts, RHR, DOB: 11/16/87
2013 A+/AA (AA stats): 35.1 innings, 0.76 ERA, 29 k/10 bb (8.2/4.6 k/bb career)

Watts has struggled with inconsistency and injuries in his career, but was lights out in the Eastern League. He could challenge for a bullpen spot in ST next year or he will certainly be the setup man or closer for Rochester when the season starts. I hope for the Twins to give him a chance by trading away Jared Burton and Casey Fien. Watts was not protected for some inane reason involving Eric Fryer, an extra OF, and a few AAAA-quality "starters" but hopefully he isn't selected in the Rule 5 Draft.

28. J.D. Williams, SH, LF/CF DOB: 11/20/90
2013 A-/A+ (combined stats): 486, .265/.372/.403 (.775) (.729), 17-6-9, 66-105, 26-13

Williams was looking to bounce back from a disappointing 2012 and he really did so in Cedar Rapids, posting an .852 OPS. His numbers really fell after his promotion to Fort Myers 2/3 of the way through the season. There is still quite a bit of promise and Williams is perhaps only second to Buxton in speed in the organization. Much of the drop at A+ came in slugging, so we will see if Williams can get that pop back and force a promotion about 2/3 of the way through 2014.

27. Yorman Landa, RHS, DOB: 6/11/94

2013 ELZ: 55, 2.78, 46/29 (7.8/5.6)

Clearly Landa needs to gain control of his pitches, but he actually improved some in that regard while moving up from GCL. He is still very young with good stuff and there is a lot of promise. He turns 20 in the middle of 2014 and will be in Cedar Rapids at the time.

26. A.J. Achter, RHR, DOB: 8/27/88

2013 AA/AAA (combined stats): 60.1, 2.54, 56/33 (9.6/3.2)

Achter is better than Anthony Slama, but the Twins seem to have similarly soured on him due to an increased walk rate in 2013. I saw him as the next guy to be called up from AAA (along with Watts) as a good Michael Tonkinesque kind of pitcher. But the Twins didn't protect because protecting Eric Fryer is somehow a better idea. Hopefully, he isn't selected in the Rule 5 Draft.

25. Randy Rosario, LHS, DOB: 5/18/94
2013 ELZ: 44.2, 2.82, 37/18 (8.0/4.3)

Rosario is another young sub-A ball pitcher in the system who shows great promise. He gave up some hits in 2013, but still has yet to surrender a home run in 118 innings of pro ball. He will start the season at Cedar Rapids or join Cedar Rapids after EST.

24. Tyler Duffey, RHS, DOB: 12/27/90
2013 A-/A+ (combined stats): 121, 3.64, 91/23 (7.6/1.6)

Duffey was dominant for Cedar Rapids in the first half of the year. He went through a rough patch in Fort Myers, but that was to be expected. They moved him between the rotation and bullpen, but he still ended with a solid number of innings. He will start next season back in A+.

23. Niko Goodrum, SS/3B, SH, DOB: 2/28/92
2013 A-: 455, .260/.364/.369 (.732, .702), 22-4-4, 60-105, 20-4

Goodrum has been underwhelming statistically, but the slugging should come back with a full healthy season (hopefully) in 2014. He has good speed and might stick at shortstop. As a third baseman, he could project well if his bat picks up. He draws a decent amount of walks so that offsets a lower batting average. Hopefully the Twins push him to Fort Myers, where he belongs, to start 2014.

22. DJ Baxendale, RHS, DOB: 12/8/90
2013 A+/AA (combined stats): 150, 3.90, 112/33 (7.6/1.9)

Baxendale was great for Fort Myers at the beginning of the season and a lot of people got very excited about his potential. This was tempered, somewhat, by his struggles at AA. He has good enough stuff to get his strikeout rate back to around his career level. Look for Baxendale to return to AA and hopefully push his way forward for a serious look in the AFL after next season.

21. Miguel Sulbaran, LHS, DOB: 3/19/94

2013 A-: 112.2, 2.96, 101/32 (8.4/2.4)

The Twins stole Sulbaran from the Dodgers in exchange for Drew Butera, who could never again stick for more than a month in MLB as his defense is no longer elite and his bat is still terrible. Sulbaran is bottom of the rotation material right now, but could add some velocity as he ages and fills out his frame. He also needs a third pitch. He is pretty exciting, though, and should be pushed to Fort Myers at the age of 20 next year to start the season.
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  1. Thrylos's Avatar
    Hard to argue with those choices... Good stuff. Keep it coming

    One little detail: Cedar Rapids is in an A league, not an A- league. A- leagues are leagues like the New York Penn Leagues that are short season leagues and an alternative to the higher Rookie Leagues, like the Appalachian. I know a lot of people call the Midwest League, "Low" A league to distinguish from the High A Florida State League, but it is totally inaccurate. It is A. Not Low A or A-
  2. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Thanks, Thrylos. I periodically correct myself, but then I revert back to A-. Maybe they should just standardize . . .
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