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Twins Trade former fringe prospect Duke Welker for a LH schulb.

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Welker , 27 , was dealt for a fringe lefty-starter Kris Johnson , 29 Today.

In doing, so the Twins get an emergency starter, if things get ugly...

Man, seems like a lot of confidence in the bullpen to let Welker go for almost nothing.
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  1. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Seems 'schulb' is a little harsh.
    He is, at this point, a better ballplayer than at least 99% of the readers of Twins Daily, so you've kind of insulted all of us.

    And you did it in so few words!
    Efficiency rocks!
  2. shs_59's Avatar
    At least Welker throws hard.

    Want more?

    PJ Walters (K.C.) , Liam Hendriks, Andrew Albers, Pat Dean (in a small sample)

    What do those 4 pitchers all have in common? Their AAA #'s are all GREATER than Kris Johnson's. I hope i'm waaay wrong about Johnson, but Scott Diamond is a better pitcher and likely even Albers.
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