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Quit wasting my time with Gleeman and the Geek

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For those of you waiting with great anticipation about where the best beer in the Cities is or what the social behavior of Bonnes and Gleeman is going to be, look no further just download the GATG episodes. For me, I am sick of them, I have no desire to listen to two drunks give their opinions on night life in twin cities or their drinking habits they are so proud of. Please Twins fans recommend other podcasts that are really filled with Twins content, I wont be going back to the circus named, GATG.
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  1. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    The best thing about free content is that you don't have to consume it. I think GATG is a fine podcast and they have every right to add their own flair to the Twins talk.
  2. John Bonnes's Avatar
    You might try googling:

    - Talk to Contact
    - The Sportive

    Also, Jeremy and Seth will be doing a Google Hangout tonight right here at TwinsDaily that you'll be able to download tomorrow.
  3. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    You will actually be able to watch the Hangout live at 830. The link will be posted later this evening.
  4. orangevening's Avatar
    Dude, it's the offseason of 3X 90-loss team. Not much is going on and if it does it doesn't matter that much (it's not like the Twins are going to make a major signing). I love Aaron's sense of humor and even more John's appreciation of it. It sounds like both of them enjoy doing the podcast (when they can schedule it around Aaron's social/love life) and it comes across in the show
  5. The Wise One's Avatar
    You can try to listen to Bonnes on KFAN in the morning. They say he is there. Haven't heard him speak, so I couldn't tell you.
  6. Jon Marthaler's Avatar
    If you don't like drunks giving their off-topic opinions, I'm not sure The Sportive is for you, either.
  7. richardkr34's Avatar
    Huhguy is really knocking it out of the ballpark with his comments later. First, Pelfrey is a top of the rotation starter and now? He's complaining about podcasts that no one is forcing him to listen to. Beautiful.
  8. Rick Niedermann's Avatar
    I used to have drive to the Library and read the Tribune. And occasionally I could get Sid for 5 minutes, on the way to work with Dave Lee, if the weather was just right to get any off season Twins news. These guys talking Twins during the off season is great. I really appreciate the Gleeman and the Geek Show and now Jeremy and Seth are putting together a great video podcast. Thank God for the internet and these Super bloggers who give me my Twins fix in the winter months.
  9. Steve Penz's Avatar
    Whether I agree or not does not matter. I am 100+ episodes into this "circus" and there is no quiting now! What may ruin things is when the team wins again. Will the formula work with a winning ball club? I hope we can find out soon.
  10. Steve Penz's Avatar
    BTW I thought it was pretty classy that the second comment on this came from Bonnes who was one of the two people you slammed in your rant.
  11. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Penz
    BTW I thought it was pretty classy that the second comment on this came from Bonnes who was one of the two people you slammed in your rant.
  12. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    If you get tired of John and Aaron, really, check out Talk to Contact. www.talktocontact.com, they have guests, talk baseball, and keep their social talk to a minimum (sort of).
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