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Mauer to centerfield...

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I believe Joe could play cf, would love to see him there. I would also like to see him take balls at 3b. Thoughts?
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  1. Steve Penz's Avatar
    I am of the opinion that Mauer could play any position on the field and I think you are reaching a lot. He is 30 and it takes time to learn new positions. Also, we have the #s 1 and 3 prospects in the world on the way at those two spots so there is no reason.
  2. SpitefulRabbit617's Avatar
    Mauer to pitcher! The highest paid in the offseason. He has an arm, he played QB and that would be the reason to get Johan over here and be a teacher to someone who has caught him.
  3. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    You DID get me to click on this and read it. And post.
  4. Steve Penz's Avatar
    I am swallowing a fish hook here? Head hitting desk.
  5. Ultima Ratio's Avatar
    CF will be blocked by Doumit next year, so Mauer to third I guess.
  6. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    Joe Mauer to pitch AND catch in 2014. Will also DH for himself. It's the only way to get his bat in the lineup twice.
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