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Top 65 Twins Prospects (41-50)

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Continuing my top 65 prospects. Here are 50-41:

50. Jason Wheeler, LHS, DOB: 10/27/90 2013 A+: 143.1, 3.70, 91/58 (6.2/3.0)

Wheeler walked more and struck out fewer in fewer innings at Fort Myers than his 2012 effort in Beloit. He has logged 300 innings in the past two seasons with a 3.57 ERA. I have to imagine he is heading back to Fort Myers to improve his K/BB rate in 2014.

49. Dan Rohlfing, C/corner OF, RH, DOB: 2/12/89
2013 AA/AAA (combined stats): 432, .267/.352/.341 (.693) (.650), 15-2-3, 48-96, 0-1

Rohlfing is following the Chris Herrmann route in demonstrating positional versatility while being a primary catcher. This likely is his one path to the majors. He is still young and showed a bit of promise in Rochester and should hopefully start 2014 there with Knudson.

48. Brett Lee, LHS, DOB: 9/20/90
2013 A-: 116. 2.95, 89/26 (7.7, 2.1)

Lee doesn't strike out a good number as a starter and is likely destined to be a long reliever like Dean and Rogers. He had a solid 2013 and will likely start in the 2014 starting rotation for the Miracle.

47. Mason Meltokis, LHR, DOB: 6/28/91
2013 A-: 135, 3.16 ERA, 84/39 (7.9/3.0)

Melotakis is fitting in as a starter and should improve upon his K rate in 2014 as expect his second year as a starter to be a bit of a breakthrough year. The second round pick in 2012 has a #3 starter ceiling.

46. Lester Oliveros, RHR, DOB: 5/28/88
AAA, but 2013 GCL: 6.1 IP, 8 strikeouts, 3 walks

Oliveros is making his way back from injury but is still a promising reliever. He should be off to AAA to start 2014 with a chance to make it again with the Twins soon.

45. Luke Bard, RHR, DOB: 11/13/90
2013 GCL/ELZ/A+ (combined stats): 12.1, 3.65, 9/9 (7.4/7.4)

Bard has been a disappointing injury case. Now, in 19.1 career innings, he has 16 strikeouts and 16 walks. He remains an interesting prospect but needs to remain healthy in 2014 or his stock will drop even more dramatically.

44. Ryan Eades, RHS, DOB: 12/15/91

2013 ELZ: 15.2, 4.60, 13/12

Eades was selected in the second round of the 2013 draft and I was immediately disappointed. His 2014 is going to be very important in terms of his future on this list, as I do not see strong potential in developing into a serviceable MLB pitcher at the moment. The high pick is enough to keep him here, however.

43. Corey Williams, LHR, DOB: 7/4/902013 A+/AA (A+ stats): 45.1, 5.16, 43/23 (9.3/4.7)

Williams has stagnated on this list due to a subpar performance in 2013, though I am confident that he can make headway, even by being promoted to the AA bullpen at the beginning of 2014. The lefty had big trouble with the long ball this year, and when a pitcher also walks to many, it is a recipe for disaster. 2014 is an important year for Williams.

42. Alex Wimmers, RHS, DOB: 11/1/88
(AA), but 2013 GCL stats: 15, 7.20, 18/15 (9.8/4.2)

Any stats don't matter at all as long as Wimmers has a 2014 with at least several dozen innings pitched with effectiveness. Seven dozen innings would be more than his current career innings total. Any more significant setbacks and Wimmers' career is in total jeopardy. Hopefully he rises on this list by midseason 2014.

41. Matt Hauser, RHR, DOB: 3/30/88
2013 A+/AA (AA stats): 39.0, 6.00, 35/12 (8.4/3.8)

Hauser had a solid start to his AA campaign but then had several terrible outings. I was looking for him to emerge as the next setup type for the Twins, but it would appear that this project is on hold for another year.
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  1. howieramone's Avatar
    Ryan Eades is probably as close to a can't miss starting pitcher prospect as the Twins have. Top baseball prospect in Louisiana in 2008. Cape Cod pitcher of the year in 2011. Number 2 starter on one of the top college programs in 2012 and 2013. Both years he was behind a current or future first round draft choice. Due to a long college season and being a workhorse, he was essentially shut down after being drafted. He wasn't allowed to start and innings were limited. In comparison, Meyer never pitched an inning after being drafted. The Twins had him rated higher than any other 2nd round pick.
    Updated 11-10-2013 at 08:15 PM by howieramone
  2. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Puzzling how his strikeout numbers are so pedestrian. And always have been. Strikeouts matter. So does durability.
  3. howieramone's Avatar
    The injury occurred in 2009. He has since pitched 3 strong college seasons and was at one time projected to be a top 20 pick. Maybe his strikeout #'s caused him to drop to about where BA had him slotted. A 2nd round pick is a not a 1st round pick.
    Updated 11-11-2013 at 08:41 AM by howieramone
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