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The New York Yankees looking to crash the Draft Party?

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The New York Yankees extended qualifying offers to three of their 13 free agents.

Robinson Cano, Hiroki Kuroda, and Curtis Granderson.

Cano, they clearly were wanting to sign to a multi-year deal before he would hit free agency. Kuroda, they are perhaps not wild about as a 38 year old, but for $14M he's as good a bet as any for a 'decent' season. But Granderson, it would appear that the Yankees extended a qualifying offer to Granderson in hopes of jumping into one of the deepest pitching drafts (pre-liminary) in recent memory. The White Sox were rumored to be interested in Granderson before the QO was made. They coals might have cooled a bit in lieu of the recent news.

But, I can't help, but wonder, how serious the Yankees were about signing Granderson. Sorta have a feeling they hope he gets signed rather than coming back for 1 yr at $14.1M.

The Reds look to be taking that approach with Choo as GM Walt Jocketty is on record saying if Choo accepted it'd make it very difficult for the team financially.

"We thought about it quite a while," Jocketty said. "We'll still be able to attempt to try and sign him, but if he ended up accepting, it would be very tough to fit it into the budget."

So, they're clearly hoping to hop on that Draft Pick Gravy Train.

That brings me to the other players who received Qualifying offers. Which teams, if any, do you feel are almost 'hopeful' the player who received the QO walks?

In all, 13 players received qualifying offers prior to Monday's deadline. Here's the full list:
Qualifying offer extended:
Carlos Beltran, Cardinals
Robinson Cano, Yankees
Shin-Soo Choo, Reds
Nelson Cruz, Rangers
Stephen Drew, Red Sox
Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox
Curtis Granderson, Yankees
Ubaldo Jimenez, Indians
Hiroki Kuroda, Yankees
Brian McCann, Braves
Kendrys Morales, Mariners
Mike Napoli, Red Sox
Ervin Santana, Royals

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  1. The Wise One's Avatar
    Kuroda made 15 mill last year. If he accepted the offer it would be a cut in pay. Is there any club going to give up a draft pick for a short term gain? Only if they signed one or two others off the list. It puts Kuroda in a tough spot and most likely accepting the offer, thus a win for the Yankees. For many on this list it would be a way for the club to have the player for another year without painful negotiation.
    Updated 11-05-2013 at 07:01 PM by The Wise One
  2. beckmt's Avatar
    Two I see on the list are Brian McCann and Stephen Drew. Both clubs (Boston and Atlanta) do not care if the player accepts the offer.
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