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Would Twins Be in WS if?

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The below list is from the Twins 2013 Minor League All Stars. The question is:

If the 2013 statistical numbers of the MiLB players on this list were projected to possible similar numbers in 2016 @ the MLB level - Would the Twins be in the World Series? Take into account that the MiLB players are probably 20 - 30+ games short of an official MLB season as it pertains to numbers.

CF Byron Buxton
SS Jorge Polanco
2B Eddie Rosario
3B Miguel Sano
DH Chris Colabello
C Josmil Pinto
1B Dalton Hicks
RF Adam Walker
LF JD Williams
LH SP - Taylor Rogers
RH SP - Alex Meyer
LH RP - Edgar Ibarra
RH RP - Zach Jones
Closer - Tyler Jones
Add in what ever extra players you want to make (26) and tell me if its probable?
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  1. Zephrin's Avatar
    The lineup looks very promising (Especially when you add Mauer), and the bullpen could be solid and powerful. The rotation won't get us there.
  2. Rosterman's Avatar
    But you always have the issues when guys like Colabello have a breakout couple of years in the minors (also think David McCarty, Mike Restovich and Chris Parmelee) but don't put it altogether and fail somewhat miserably in the majors. Even this season, Oswaldo Arcia had an okay season which works fine in a strong lineup, but in a lineup where he ended up being the 3-4th best player, well....

    All these guys could conceivably be in a Twins uniform sometime at the sametime. If they do, and gel, it could be a homebred World Series team. It's getting them there, having them get the experience, protecting each other in the batting order and on the field, and we have the 1987 Twins. Who won because of blood and guts and a weak division and a very lucky starting rotation.

    You maybe add in Stewart and Berrios and a few other names like Kepler and Vargas and Gibson, of course, Mauer (not to mention Perkins) and...well........
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