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Meh on Gardenhire

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I could call it mixed feelings, I could call it being worn down by all the bad news from my favorite team, or maybe it is that I don't think it will make much difference whether Ron Gardenhire was retained. I can't get too worked up about the move. I heard the news and didn't respond. Maybe I'm numb.

About 10 hours later, though, I'm starting to think about the whole process. What did Gardy do to get two more years? In my humble opinion, there was more justification to extend him a year ago than there is now. A year ago I thought Gardy should stay, but coming into today I thought it would be best for the organization if someone else took the helm.

What does this move say about the Twins Front Office? Is three years of dreadful baseball acceptable? The Twins had one player make significant progress this year on a team where there were opportunities for many to make a place for themselves for the long term. Is that okay? In what area or what level did the Twins make real progress?

After hearing Terry Ryan making circular arguments about free agency which virtually guarantee that there will be no top tier signing from the Twins and hearing him brand play as "unacceptable" but have no real plan to compete, I can't be optimistic. It seems the whole plan is "wait for Buxton and Sano" and that isn't a plan, it is just hoping.

Ron Gardenhire is a good baseball guy and seems like a decent human being. I respect Terry Ryan's knowledge of the game of baseball and his ability to find talent. I just don't think either man fits in rebuilding a pretty good franchise and developing a team that can win it all. I hope my opinions are wrong, but I have seen precious little to refute my opinion.


  1. Willihammer's Avatar
    Halloween costume idea: Slap on a name-tag, 10 different points of flair, carry a serving plate, say "Hello, welcome to Perkins" and go as Terry Ryan
  2. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    " I hope my opinions are wrong, but I have seen precious little to refute my opinion."

    Sadly, everything about this is correct and almost none of it is subjective.
    The main two things we got out of 2013 were
    1. Brian Dozier may have emerged as a good, solid 2B for the future, and
    2. our minor leaguers are a year older.

    That is too short a list for a team with over 290 losses in the last 3 years.

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