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Twins 2014 Season Predictions

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Now that the 25 man roster is finalized for the Twins, I'm going to publish my predictions here and then analyze them at the end of the year to see if I guessed anything correctly.
-Stats I'm going to use-
Batting Average/On base percentage/HRs

C Kurt Suzuki 2013: .232/.290/5
Prediction for 2014: .240/.297/7

We all want Pinto to take over. Suzuki has severely declined over the last two years. As much as it seems like Pinto will take over, I think Suzuki actually has a decent year and gets his batting average up a bit higher.

C Josmil Pinto 2013: .342/.398/4
Prediction for 2014: .266/.310/12

Insert *He's not possibly going to play as well as he did last fall* argument here. This is going to be the beginning of a great career for Pinto. Let's just hope he doesn't go down the Parmelee path.

1B Joe Mauer 2013: .324/.404/11
Prediction for 2014: .329/.406/16

Everyone is predicting an increase in Joe-Joe's batting average. I'll give him a small bump in BA but I do think he'll hit 5 more HRs, if that means anything. Don't expect him to get much better at the plate.

1B/Utility Chris Colabello 2013: .194/.284/7
Prediction for 2014: .222/.302/8

I've heard a lot of positive clamor about Colabello, but his numbers look pretty bad. His strikeouts (58 in 181 PAs) happened way too often, but if you're looking for positives, his 20 walks shows some upside. With experience, I think he will improve, however, at age 30, this is the best year he's going to have.

2B Brian Dozier 2013: .244/.312/18
Prediction for 2014: .263/.326/10

It was good to see Dozier break out of his slump around halfway in 2013 and pull out a good sophomore year actually a weak rookie season. Batting leadoff, his BA will go up but his HRs will suffer, but that's fine as long as he's getting on base for Mauer.

SS Pedro Florimon 2013: .221/.281/9
Prediction for 2014: .202/.260/6

If I've learned anything from watching tons of baseball and football, it's that injuries nag players and can wreck seasons even when the player seems to have recovered from the injury. This is a wild guess here... but I'm going to speculate that Florimon won't be 100% after his appendectomy and he'll play through it. He already can't hit, and even though I hate to project regression, I think he won't do very well.

2B/SS Eduardo Escobar 2013: .236./282/3
Prediction for 2014: .256/.291/7

I'm aboard the Eddie 400 train. I hope Escobar gets at least 400 ABs because I think he has some potential. He had a hot streak last year but he lost his groove quickly. His bat can come alive when he's hot, but when he's not, he struggles at getting walks. I'm looking forward to watching Eduardo play this season.

3B Trevor Plouffe 2013: .254/.309/14
Prediction for 2014: .239/.288/15

I'm not a fan of Plouffe. He's basically Danny Valencia (who I liked) except... okay, I can't come up with a good reason why. It's mostly his defense, but his hitting is so inconsistent and could have hit more HRs last year. I hope he surprises me and has a solid 2014, but I just don't see it.

LF Josh Willingham 2013: .208/.342/14
Prediction for 2014: .211/.319/9

I really like Willingham. But there isn't much hope for him. Just take a gander at his stats in spring training. As Pat Reusse said, he's finished. I really want the Hammer to succeed, but I don't see it. He can only hit pop-ups, strikeout, or walk. And he walks and takes pitches like a boss. But that's it. 2012 was a great year, Josh. I'll always remember that year with him mashing 35 HRs.

CF Aaron Hicks 2013: .192/.259/8
Prediction for 2014: .229/.285/14

OK, Hicks, let's forget last year even happened. It was bad. People point out that he walked 24 times, and then I'll reply that he struck out 84 times. Dang. It will be a long road to earning that CF spot, but I think he improves, and in 2015, he'll crack .250 and 15 HRs.

RF Oswaldo Arcia 2013: .251/.304/14
Prediction for 2014: .279/.328/22

I like Oswaldo. He's on his way to becoming a really good player. He's like Jason Kubel on steroids. Hopefully will cut his strikeouts away, though it will take a long time for him to work on it, in the long-term, his kid is going to go down as a great Twin. He gives me hope for this 2014 team.

Coming soon, the pitching predictions for 2014.
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  1. Danchat's Avatar
    I kinda forgot Jason Kubel, even though I don't think he'll last long.

    DH/OF Jason Kubel 2013: .216/.293/5
    Prediction for 2014: .198/.281/4

    Last year was bad for Kubel, but at least his final season will be with Minnesota. I don't think he'll bat well, especially in Target Field, a pitcher's favorite. Good luck hitting HRs here, Kubel.
  2. blindeke's Avatar
    Yikes. This is grim.
  3. beckmt's Avatar
    And well it could be. I noticed that most of the Twins wins came late against pitching that was not expected to(and did not make) the major league roster. Hope it can change, not counting on it.
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