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No more room in the Twins Inn- Infield/Catcher

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As AA Twins become AAA Twins, Room for AAAA players is becoming more scarce. With many 30 plus "prospects" called up this year, and several more failing to get called from Rochester, there will be many players released into oblivion this off season. Before even considering Free Agents (Please Ryan, Sign some Free Agents) If I was General Manager, I would have to make the following decisions:

When I decided to do this series of three posts I was looking at who played for us this year and who we currently have that will play on the MLB side next year. Everyone is excited about Sano and Rosario getting so close but there are several other Infield prospects pushing up as well. (the big exception being at first base.)

Lets go position by position
MLB level: Mauer, Doumit, Chris Hermann, Eric Fryer, and Josmil Pinto.
Rochester: Danny Lehman and Jairo Rodriguez are both recent promotions to AAA.
this area of strength has already jettisoned Butera and now the only questions are how many to have on the 25 man roster, Mauers health, and when we trade Doumit. My gut says Pinto and Fryer go back down for more seasoning with Pinto coming back up when Doumit is traded in the middle of next season. (I am praying for Mauers health and expect to see him splitting time with 1B especially when considering 1B options)
Colabello and Parmelee are with the Twins and Jeff Clement is at Rochester. I expect Colabello and Parmelee to compete at first next spring. One stays, one goes back down until a prospect rises to push them a aside. The Winner in spring training splits time with other players or rises to his last opportunity and wins our love.
This position belongs to Plouffe but the heat is on HIGH. Debinson Romero isn't clamouring for a call up but may get a Spring invite along with Miguel Sano. My guess is they both are at AAA to start the season but Plouffe is not long for 3B. This means when Sano does come up, Plouffe either pushes out Escobar as utility man or Parmelee/Colabello at first. Rochester has already jettisoned Mark Sobolewski and Ray Olmedo is next. Who? Exactly! Inn closed!!
There is no one pushing up (for now) so all we have is Escobar, Florimon, and Beresford to choose from. Florimon has won the job for the foreseeable future as we need the defence too much. Beresford was rewarded for his help in Rochester with a cup of coffee this fall but he will soon be cut. Escobar for now is our Utility guy. He is a defensive replacement, pinch runner guy with a light bat and big glove. Useful but not exciting. Rochester will have Danny Santana as SS coming up from New Britain and the prayer here is that he continues to develop and Florimon becomes the Utility man for the Twins some day.
I am excited by Dozier and hope he is at second for us for the next 10 years. Rosario will be the Man at Rochester next year. Down the road how they shake out will be exciting for us to watch but for now all it means is Nate Hanson and Eric Farris will be marginalised in Rochester or New Britain until Rosario is called up.
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  1. goulik's Avatar
    Oops, should edit before posting... I forgot to mention that the Inn has closed for Jeff Clement at Rochester. I think he is elsewhere next season.
  2. YourHouseIsMyHouse's Avatar
    The infield looks fine for the forseeable future with the exception of first. I'm convinced Parmelee isn't a major league hitter and Colabello will be too old even if he gets it together by the time we'll be good.
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