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Axel Kohagen

A Season Blank and Pitiless as the Sun (Twins versus Tigers - Games 156-158)

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Look Upon Mauer and Tremble (Twins 4 Tigers 3-- Game 156)

Mauer's out for the season, like we all knew he would be. Concussion City gains a new resident. And this Pinto kid seems like he's ready to play some catcher. People wonder if Mauer can come back to put on the tools of ignorance. People wonder if Mauer can come back at all.

The M and M boys are gone, leaving Target Field empty like a Halloween candy bowl. Mauer seems likely to be back in some way, shape, or form. Morneau's probably gone for good.

I'm not a lifer Twins fan - I got hooked in '06, and now I'm realizing the team I came to the party with is gone for good. A new team is coming together even as we speak, but I'm bummed for what could've been.

Putting Away Leisure (Twins 2 Tigers 4-- Game 157)

The postseason is coming, but not to our fair city. I'm trying to adjust to life without conversations based on the foundation of "How 'bout those Twins?"

This is extra unfair for Northern folk. Our winters last for half a year, and leave us trapped in sealed houses with the same people for months at a time. If ever a little light baseball talk would be appreciated, it's around February first.

Of course, maybe the Twins will have a lively offseason to keep us gossiping.


Without baseball, there are whole relationships rendered mute until spring training. Water coolers will go silent. Fathers and sons will be left with only jokes based on bodily functions.

Out, Out, Out (Twins 0 Tigers 1-- Game 158)

Everything is changing. Gatsby of Twins Bloggers Aaron Gleeman is openly tweeting about going to Target Field on a date instead of staying home ranking Official Fantasy Girls of AaronGleeman.com. It's a new world out there.

Only one series to go in these recaps, and I wonder what other people are getting out of it. If you followed from the beginning, you witnessed me stifling my fan boy optimism until reality took that away one piece at a time.

The Twins playing miserable baseball wouldn't even crack my year's top ten list for pain and disappointment, but it's easily in the top three on the list of things I keep whining about. I get the feeling there are more fans out there like me, and I bet we all look at each other and think "that dude's too obsessed."


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