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Axel Kohagen

Fall Guys (Twins versus Rays -- Games 146-148)

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Voorhees: A True Dynasty (Twins 0 Rays 3-- Game 146)

On this Friday the 13th, I regret choosing Friday the 13th Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan as the film I watched. Jason Voorhees may be unkillable, but this lame hodge-podge of maritime hijinks and flimsy backstories sure signaled a sign this franchise had seen better days.

The Twins, another franchise that's seen better days, got blanked. If I had cable, I'd have been just as bored watching them as I was watching a guy in a hockey mask jump out from behind boxes.

If you want to continue the analogy, the Jason movie's failure might best be attributed to apathy from the higher ups and low budgets. Do what that what you will.

Mother Nature, Human Nature and Losing, Which is Second Nature (Twins 0 Rays 7-- Game 147)

The Internet Twins Crew put together a Grand Drunk Railroad Pub Crawl. I didn't go (diagnosed as cheap), but I like to think of them as a rag-tag crew daring to love the Twins in spite of everything.

Unfortunately for them, "everything" includes Nature. The day spit on them for daring to love a suffering team, and then it put its foot down to actually stop the game for hours. Things let up just so the gang could watch the hometown nine lose.

All they ever dared do was enjoy a lousy team in a losing season (with booze). Nature will have none of that. It's fall now, and all the loose leafs must be shaken from the tree.

Glen Perkins found the only way he could to get a save for the evening, and he bought a round for the revelers from the bullpen. His gesture will live on for years, for a relatively small cost. The team brass could take notes, if they so chose.

Halloween Creep (Twins 6 Rays 4-- Game 146)

With fall comes football, and then all roads lead to Halloween.

I put my decorations out on September 15th, so my favorite holiday can have the same amount of celebrating as Christmas. Santa and his posse cheat their way up to the day after Thanksgiving, so I just push my hauntings back to September.

Amidst this massive endeavor the Twins won a game with Josmil Pinto and my main man Ryan Doumit crushing homers. Perkins earned yet another save.

Still, at one point in the day I took down a Twins banner to put up a ratty wooden skeleton. That's what Fall does to most baseball teams. When my guys win their way into October, I'll be happy to mix red and blue into my orange and black. This year? The skeleton owns that piece of real estate.


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